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An Update About Home Repairs and How I’m Doing

After years, I finally decided to begin to do repairs on my house. I still am planning on moving, just not at this immediate time. Since I will be here for a longer time I anticipated to be, I decided to start fixing parts of the house. I already mentioned this in a previous post, but I decided not to talk about all the things I want to work on and repair online. Even though I won’t talk about everything the house needs, I still feel comfortable talking about some of them.

As I write this post, I am forcing myself to take some time off repairing the house to make my body rest. I also thought this would be a great time to talk about some of my progress and how I’m holding up physically.

Well, the work is going slower than I anticipated. I have a lot of work around the house, but I’m focusing on the bathroom right now. So far I filled in gaps where the linen closet is. These gaps between the wall and the shelves, but they never caused a problem when it came to functioning as shelves. The problem I had with them is they were always really hard to clean! After years of working around it, I finally decided to fill in the gaps.

It was an easy process, but it was also time consuming. I used wood filler (The shelves are not particle board. They are actually wood. They are also custom made to fit the closet and was made in the 1980’s-1990’s.) and it worked very well. I still need to sand it down and make the filled in areas flush with the shelves. I then need to pain the shelves. I have paint already purchased to work on the shelves. I keep pushing back the sanding and painting of the shelves so I can continue to use the closet longer.

I once I have the linen closet finished, I need to work on painting the rest of the bathroom. It needs paint badly! Not only does it not look nice anymore, it is really hard to clean! Like with the linen closet, I already purchased paint for the bathroom. The problem is I haven’t gotten very far in prepping the wall for paint!

There are a few holes I need to fix in the bathroom walls. They aren’t large holes, just small pin holes where things were hung on the walls. (Like Christmas decorations and calendars) Today, I don’t need nor use these holes. So, I needed to fill them. Filling the holes went very quickly… until I saw how much damage there was to the walls. Right now I’m slowly going through the bathroom walls to fix the damage on the walls. Once that is done, I can start to paint the walls.

Painting the walls will be complicated. First, I want to paint the walls with a special primer. This primer is advertised to be mold and bacteria killing primer. I decided to paint with this primer first because I’m worried about bacteria growth on the walls and aggravating my allergies. Then, I plan on painting it with the paint color I want the walls to be.

I did experience some hiccups in this process. I used the wrong type of filler on the dry wall. I ran out of wood filler for the shelves. I am still having second thoughts about the paint colors I picked for the walls. I am also wondering if it will be a good idea to paint the shelves the same color as the walls or to leave it a different color. (The paint I picked is supposed to be more durable than the wall paint.) Yet, things are going well on the repairs. The only major problem I have that slows my progress down is the aches in my body. Specifically my arms.

Many years ago, when I had a major infection, the infection damaged nerve endings. These never endings are healing, but the more I move, the more I hurt. Also, I have been striving to loose weight and build muscle mass. I haven now reached a point when my nerves have healed enough for me to move, but my strength also makes me forget I have these nerve problems! This is why I sometimes have to take days off working on the bathroom. I usually over work my arms and shoulders to the point I feel a great deal of pain.

The only solution is to take my work slowly. I started working on the bathroom many months ago, but, due to my constant and never-ending need for breaks, things have not advanced as much as I hope it would. By this time of the year, I thought I would’ve finished the bathroom and moved onto another part of the house! Sadly, it didn’t happen. Still, doing this work has given me a larger perspective about how much physical labor my body can do and handle in a certain length of time.

I’m glad I’m doing the work I am. Even though it is not finished yet, it is already easier to clean. It will become easier to clean after it is done. Yet, the work I’m doing on it already makes it easier to clean. Even though I’m slow about finishing it, I am happy to see the progress this far! Seeing the progress makes me more driven to finish the bathroom. I just wish my body would hold up longer than it has been!

Well, that’s all! Thank you for reading!


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