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Beauty Product Empties- December 2017

In 2017, I made an effort to expose myself to more beauty products. In December, I realized I was almost done with some of the products I used that month. So, I decided to talk about what products I used until they are empty and if I’ll ever use them again.

The first product empty is one that I’ve talked about on this blog before, Bath and Body Work’s Snowy Morning shower gel…

I talked about this shower gel in my Bath and Body Works Black Friday haul, but after trying it, I fell in love with the scent and the body wash. I’ve tried a different Bath and Body Works shower gel, but the scent of the shower gel I picked bothered my allergies after a while. This one did not do that. Through out the month of December, I used Snowy Morning. Since I took the photo of the bottle for this post, I used the whole entire bottle up and moved onto a second bottle of the shower gel. I have a third bottle left, but once that one is gone, I’ll be very sad. I really do love this scent!

The next empty is Philosophy’s Amazing Grace shampoo, bath, and shower gel…

I wanted to buy a new Philosophy shampoo, bath, and shower gel scent, but I was unsure which scent to buy. I never tried the Amazing Grace gel besides as a fragrance, so I decided to try it.

The bottle is larger than the other scents I’ve tried, so it took a while to get through the whole entire bottle, but I really do love the scent! Not as much as my favorite scent, Raspberry Sorbet, but I do love it a lot. I hope to get another bottle in the future, after I buy another bottle of Raspberry Sorbet.

The last empty I have to talk about is Dove’s Dry Shampoo…

I tried using dry shampoo before, but the dry shampoo I tried left white residue in my hair. I heard Dove’s dry shampoo did not leave white residue, so I gave it a try.

So far I’ve loved Dove’s dry shampoo very much. I don’t normally use it very often because I live in the Arizona desert and my hair gets fine dirt particles in my hair, so I normally wash my hair more often than I’m supposed to. Despite this, Dove’s dry shampoo works very well absorbing my hair’s oil. So far I’ve only used the detox and purify version (So it can help the fine dirt particles), but I am eyeing other versions of the dry shampoo in the future.

So, that’s all the beauty product empties I have to talk about!

Thank you for reading!

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