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Does Bath and Body Works’ Aromatherapy Love Body Wash Oxidize Over Time?

While going through my stash of Bath and Body Works products, I came across a bottle of body wash and foam bath I forgot I had. It was part of the Aromatherapy line and was in the scent Love. I used to love Love (No pun intended) but I had to stop using it and other body wash products due to the allergies I suffer from in the area where I currently live. I have my allergies under control (Well, as good as my allergies will get) so I began to buy new products to use and some of my old favorites. Love was one of those products.

The bottle of Love was packed with other Bath and Body Works products in storage for at least six months. I thought nothing of it, quickly grabbed the bottle and took it to the bathroom with my other body washes and products I use on a daily basis. When I saw it in the daylight, I discovered something surprising: The body wash turned from clear to pink.This is what my bottle of the body wash looks like…

As you can see, the body wash liquid is not clear. Although that doesn’t mean the product has gone bad, it means the body wash can oxidize. It is something I see in other beauty products, specificity ones with rose in it. The most common beauty product that I know of that oxidizes is Christian Dior’s line of Miss Dior fragrances. The fragrances start as pink, but over time turns a dark, rose colored pink, a color very similar to my bottle of Love body wash looks like.

Despite this, the color surprised me because I didn’t know the body wash could do that. Still, I wondered if this was a phenomenon that my body wash did because it was from a bad batch or it is just something the Love body wash does, no matter the batch.

When I was in Bath and Body Works recently, I decided to look at the bottles of Love to see what the answer is. While in the store, I found two bottles of Love in different stages of oxidation…

The bottle on the left is lighter colored than the bottle on the right, meaning the bottle on the left is holder than the bottle on the right.

Currently, (The summer 2020 semi annual sale) Love is available at 50% off regular price. This price looks exclusive for in store bottles of Love, and is not limited to the body wash and foam bath. All products in the Love scent are available for 50% off. Other scents in the Aromatherapy line are not. This could be confusing, and could mean Bath and Body Works is retiring the scent, unless you take product’s ability to oxidize into account. This summer’s semi annual sale comes after lock downs due to Covid-19, meaning products sat on store shelves for months without selling or giving store employees to replace the bottles with new ones without the oxidation color. I believe, because of this, Bath and Body Works put all products in the Love scent in stores on sale.

If you are able to go out and shop Bath and Body Works’ semi annual sale, or if you go to future semi annual sales and find Love on sale and the body wash bottles are a rose colored hue, that means the bottles have sat long enough for the body wash to oxidize. The product is still good and can be used, so if you want to save some money and do not mind the color change, try to find Love in the semi annual sale.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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