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2019 Easter Decor Reveal

I’ve gone back and forth as to if I should post photographs of my Easter decor for the year. Although I like how I decorated, it is subtle and simple compared to what I would love to do normally. This is because I planned on moving from my current home to a new one, but due to a family illness, I had to put my moving plans on hold. Since I planned on moving, I packed some of my decorations away for travel. Since I didn’t want to drag out all my decorations, I decided to decorate in a more simple style than I normally would. I like the way it turned out, so I decided to post photographs of my Easter decor anyway.

The last place I decorated, and the first place I’ll talk about in this post, is the shelf on my fireplace…

Normally, I decorate the self on the fireplace with a wreath propped up against the fireplace, set up figurines that are Easter and/or spring themed, and I wrap a garland around the figurines. This year, I packed away my figurines, put the wreath somewhere I can’t remember, and packed the garland away as well. Instead of my normal set-up, I put a garland of large magnolia leaves on the fireplace shelf. I found the garland at Michael’s this year and picked it up for my new home. Since I will not be moving as fast as I planned, I decided to use it this year and put it on the fireplace.

The next place I decorated is a wall in the kitchen…

Like with the fireplace, I like to decorate this wall with a lot of decorations. Since I packed those decorations away, I hung a tulip wreath I purchased at Walmart years ago but never packed up for the travel. In addition to the wreath, I hung a garland that I found at Joann’s this year. Even though the wreath and garland are from different stores and purchased years apart, I love how well they match each other.

The next place I decorated is on top of my record player and on a little mirror shelf near the record player…

I normally like to put a bouquet of flowers on top the record player as well as the self. This year, I found cute Easter trees in the Target dollar stop. I picked two up for my new house, but I decided to put them on display now so I could enjoy looking at them.

Beside the Easter tree, I put two pillar candles, two tea candles, and a rock I found while on a hike. I was interested in the rock because it has some copper ore in it. I’ve seen rocks like it while on hikes with copper ore in it, but I never picked them up until I found this one. (In case you’re wondering, yes I was allowed to take the rock home with me. The are I hiked in is owned by someone I know and they said it was fine if I took it home.)

The last place I decorated is on top of my hutch…

Whenever it’s not a holiday, I set fake books on top of the hutch. For this year’s Easter decor, I decided to use them to create an a-symmetrical display. I set two table centerpiece eggs I found at Walmart on top of each pile of books. Behind them is an old cherry blossom wreath. (This wreath is actually one of the first wreaths I ever purchased as an adult!) In front of the wreath is a little egg lantern.

I found the figurine at Marshall’s. I wanted it along with another ceramic egg, but I decided to buy them too late. When I went into Marshall’s with the intention of purchasing the eggs, they were sold out. Weeks later, I found this egg. I already decided that if I found any of the eggs I liked in store again, I would buy them, so I purchased it, brought it home, and set it in front of my cherry blossom wreath.

The fun part about this egg is it is a lantern…

There is a little battery operated light in the bottom of the egg that you can turn on and off with a switch. I like to leave it off, but it looks pretty on as well.

Well, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed looking at my Easter decorations!

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