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What I Think About Mansions and Owning One

I will eventually need to move out of state for my health and other reasons, but Covid-19 has made it difficult to move across state lines. Although there are other reasons for why I can’t move, Covid-19 was the biggest damper on my moving plans. Since I’m stuck where I am, I decided to start searching for my potential new house. This eventually lead me to watching videos on YouTube of home tours to see what kind of house I want, what style I want it to look like, and anything else style and looks wise of how a house I would like to own when I do move forward to buy myself a home.

I wanted a more modest house in the area where I want to move to, but YouTube began to suggest videos of beautiful mansions and mega mansions. I watched them and felt kind of awkward. I like them, but I have no use for a house that big. (Let alone the price of them is way more than what I’d be willing to pay for any house right now) They’re pretty, but that doesn’t mean that a more modest home can’t be pretty as well. They looked like castles (Literally) but I know that I can buy a home and make it look like a castle if I ever decide to make it look that way.

The thing is, as I write this, I’ll be living in the house alone. I don’t need a huge kitchen with extremely expensive, restaurant grade kitchen appliances. I don’t need a butler’s pantry, a room dedicated for wrapping presents, or a master bedroom with a sitting room bigger than the living room in the house where I currently live right now. I don’t have a lot of people living with me, nor I will I be inviting a large amount of people over to my house for dinner. And I will be cleaning the house myself and living in a mansion will force me to spend more time cleaning the house instead of living in it. In short, I don’t live the lifestyle the people who own or want these homes. And that’s why I don’t want to own one.

Even though I enjoy watching the YouTube videos of the opulent mansions, I also find myself nit picking the parts of the house that I really don’t like or are so impractical that it’s existence in the house makes the house difficult to live in. Because of this, I’m not sure how long my interest in watching these kinds of videos will last. I will probably stop watching them soon enough and start watching something else more interesting to me that will not make me feel like I’m too poor to afford anything.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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