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5 More Clothing Designers I Love But Can’t Afford (Right Now)

After thinking of clothing designers I love but can’t afford for my first post, I realized there were more designers I love but are out of my budget at this time. Because of this, I decided to make another post about fashion designers I love but can’t afford at this time.


I love feminine clothing, but I don’t own many pieces because all the old ones I used to own no longer fit me and my lifestyle requires me to wear jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers more than flowing, layered skirts and dresses. Despite my lack of feminine clothing, I love looking at LoveShackFancy’s clothing. One day I would like to own some pieces from LoveShackFancy, but I don’t have the money, room in my closet, and reason to buy them right now.



Zimmermann is an Australian brand that sells feminine style clothes like LoveShackFancy, but the style of the clothes are different. Whenever I browse their website, I always find a dress, skirt, or some other clothing item I love and wish I could own. The only problem is Zimmermann’s clothing is always pricey. So pricey I don’t think I’ll ever be able to buy myself something from them. Still, Zimmermann’s clothing is a fountain of feminine clothing inspiration for me, even if I believe I’ll never be able to wear it.


Vera Wang

Vera Wang is known as a wedding dress designer, but she also has a line of affordable clothing at Kohl’s. Even though I like the Vera Wang line of clothes at Kohl’s, I want to buy a wedding dress designed by her. I’m not getting married any time soon, but I love her dresses and would love to wear one for my one day wedding. Even though her dresses are beautiful, they are also very expensive. Fortunately, Vera Wang has a line of wedding dresses at David’s Bridal that I absolutely love and is in budget friendly prices.


Free People

I have a love/hate relationship with Free People and the quality of the fabric some of their clothes are made out of, but in general I love Free People. They are expensive but, in the past, I was fortunate to find Free People clothing either on sale or on clearance at Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.


Badgley Mischka

I don’t always constantly love Badgley Mischka’s runway dresses, but I do love the dresses, shoes, and accessories sold in department stores such as Dillard’s and Nordstrom. They look feminine, have rhinestones, sequins, and crystals that sparkle and shine, and perfect to go out somewhere very fancy. Unfortunately, I don’t go anywhere that will allow me to wear something so nice, but I still look at them and sometimes seriously consider buying them whenever they go on sale.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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