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Favorite Clinique Holiday Gift Sets for 2021

It’s that time of the year when stores start to release beauty holiday gift sets. This year, the gift sets are being released in October in order to avoid shipping delays and supply problems. Because of this, I decided to write my favorite holiday gift sets in October instead of late November and December.

One of the first brands that released their whole entire line of gift sets is Clinique. Clinique’s products aren’t for everyone, especially their acme products, I do like certain beauty items. This year, Clinique released many gift sets that have items I really like or know people who like. Because of this, I decided to start my series of posts about this year’s holiday gift sets with my favorite Clinique gift sets for the 2021 holiday season.

All the gift set photographs and prices are from Macy’s online store. There are many sets available this year in different sizes and price ranges, so I will split the sets into three categories: Skin care, makeup, and fragrance. The sets will be in order from lowest price to highest price.

Skin Care

2-Pc. Merry Moisture Hydration Set

$9.50 ($31.00 value)


3-Pc. Hydrate & Glow Moisture Surge Skincare Set

$42.00 ($63.50 value)


4 Piece More Than Moisture Moisture Surge Set

$49.50 ($76.00 value)




2-Pc. Pop Treats Lip Set

$9.50 ($18.50 value)


5 Piece Sugarcoated Color Makeup Set

$24.50 ($72.50 value) Available in Two Different Colors


5-Pc. Clinique Kisses Lipstick Set, Created for Macy’s

$25.00 ($100.00 value)

5-Pc. Plenty Of Pop Lipstick Set

$25.00  ($97.00 value)



Indulge In Color Eyeshadow Palette

$29.50 ($118.50 value)


20-Pc. The Chubbettes Lipstick Set, Created for Macy’s

$49.50 ($104.00 value)

14-Pc. Double The Delicious Makeup Set

$69.50 ($233.50 value)




3-Pc. A Little Happiness Fragrance Set, Created for Macy’s

$19.50 ($34.50 value)


4-Pc. Happy Treats Mini Fragrance Set

$25.00 ($64.00 value)

3-Pc. Wear It & Be Happy Fragrance Set

$57.00 ($92.00 value)

4-Pc. Perfectly Happy Fragrance Set

$75.00 ($121.50 value)

3-Pc. A Whole Lotta Happy Fragrance Set, Created for Macy’s

$99.00 ($173.00 value)


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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