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My Mismatched Quarantine Holiday Decor- April 2020

In March, when I began to get ready putting up my Easter decorations, I also did a mini clean out and organize of some of the things in my house. During my cleaning spree, I found some decorations I love but didn’t put up because I couldn’t find them in time to decorate for the holiday. Even though I wanted to mainly focus on Easter decor, I decided to put up some of my rediscovered holiday decor for fun.

First, I’m going to start with the Easter/Spring decorations.

The top of the hutch was decorated with a tulip wreath and tulip garland. I purchased both last year around the month of March. I purchased the wreath from Joann’s and the garland from Michael’s. Even though they are from different stores, they look like they don’t. So, I always make sure to put them somewhere they can be displayed together.

On the wall where the big kitchen light is located, I hung my old pink blossom wreath I purchased from Joann’s at least 8 years ago. I still love it and it’s in great shape, so I keep hanging it up whenever it’s spring time. Bellow it is an egg garland I picked up at Target either last year or the year before. (I think it was the year before last) I purchased it for my new home, but that didn’t end up turning out. It sat in my storage for years until I found it during my cleaning spree. I finally broke down and hung the garland up both as a fun decoration for Easter and to remind myself that there will be a day I will hang it up in a new house.

The spring theme is carried on in my decor by way of the cherry tree blossom faux tree I purchased from Target. And that’s when my spring decor ends because right beside it is a patriotic star I purchased from Hobby Lobby years ago. I searched for this star in my stuff for a few years but couldn’t find it. While cleaning, I found it in a place I would never expect it to be. Since I knew quarantine would be coming sooner than latter, I decided to hang it up as something fun and out of season to look at while I’m stuck in the house. Also, it served as a reminder that summertime would be coming and I could see people again.

The last holiday decor I put up was my favorite Thanksgiving turkey. I purchased this at Hobby Lobby a few years ago because I always make ham for Thanksgiving. For many years I couldn’t figure out how to make a turkey right, so I opted to make a spiral cut ham because I knew how to cook it. Within the past year, I successfully cooked a turkey, which made me extremely happy. Still, it was close to Easter, which means it’s time for ham, not turkey. So putting this on display was not only a tongue in cheek reference to Easter dinner, but also a reminder there is ham in the freezer and it needs to be eaten.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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