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Walmart Other Beauty Products I Want To Try- April 2020

After browsing Walmart’s beauty and body care sections, I found even more beauty products I wanted to try. Since I couldn’t group them into other posts I made about beauty products I would like to try at Walmart, I made a post dedicated to them alone.

The first item beauty product I want to try is Dr Teal’s body lotion…

I like Dr Teal’s epsom bath salts, so when I saw this body lotion, it peaked my interest. I hope to try either the eucalyptus or lavender scents first.

Bodycology Whipped Vanilla…

After finding Bodycology fragrance mists in December for my friends, my interest in other Bodycology scents has peaked. The first scent I would like to try is Whipped Vanilla. It’s been years since I used a vanilla scented body cream and fragrance mist. Although I like the scent of the ones I found, they had other scents mixed in that I didn’t like. Whipped Vanilla smells like the kind of vanilla scents I used to love, so I would like to give it a try one day.

Bodycology Beautiful Blossoms…

Another scent from Bodycology I want to try is Beautiful Blossoms. I sometime have a hard time finding floral scents that I love, but Beautiful Blossoms smells like a floral scent I may enjoy.

Bodycology Cucumber Melon…

The last Bodycology scent I would like to try is Cucumber Melon. I love other brand’s products in the scent Cucumber Melon, so I’m optimistic I will love Bodycology’s version as well.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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