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The Rhythm Cats’ Christmas Show at The Silver Star Theater Review

Earlier this month, I was invited to go to the Silver Star Theater to see the Rhythm Cats’ Christmas Show. The Silver Star Theater is a dinner theater that features a variety of shows ranging from variety shows to covers of well known singers and songwriters as well as genres. The Rhythm Cats Show is what I would consider the star of the Silver Star and is the band that performs the majority of the cover shows. You can read more about the Rhythm Cats Show and the Silver Star Theater at the Silver Star Theater’s website here.

I’ve been to the Silver Star Theater before, but, unfortunately didn’t know the name of the theater I would be going to before the show. (I’m not sure why, but the group that invited me didn’t tell me the name of the theater until I was in the vehicle.) Although I’ve been to the theater before, it’s been a few years so I was excited to go again.

When I arrived at the theater, it looked the way I remembered it. I didn’t think of taking photographs for a post until the announcements stated that photographs could be taken but no video. So, I took out my camera and started taking photographs for my blog.

By the way, this post is not sponsored and my ticket was purchased by the group I went with. (I purchased the tickets to the other Silver Star Theater shows I attended before this one) All the opinions in this post are my own and I do not receive any compensation for this post.

Since I didn’t think of taking photographs until the show started, I didn’t take photographs of the dinner I had or of the empty theater when I was escorted to my seat. The dinner at the theater is a buffet style meal including baby back ribs, ham, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and a salad bar. When you take you seat, there is a piece of chocolate cake ready for you to eat, but I waited to eat it until after I finished my dinner. (I ended up eating so much dinner I didn’t have room for the cake, so I wrapped it in a piece of aluminum foil that was given to me by the waiting staff so I could take it home and eat it.) The dinner was very good. The buffet is an all you can eat buffet so it’s not uncommon to see people get up and pick up more food at their discretion until the buffet closes before the show begins.

I have food allergies, which makes me weary of all kinds of restaurants and menus because I don’t know if I can eat them and not get sick from the food. The food at the Silver Star is not only good, it didn’t aggravate my food allergies. This took me by surprise because, even though I’ve been there before, I wasn’t sure if they changed their recipes and added ingredients that would make me sick. I didn’t try everything they offered, mostly because I wanted to try my old favorite foods that I would pick up whenever I went there.

The food I ate was a salad with Thousand Island dressing, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice with vegetables, and pot roast. Since I went so close to Thanksgiving, they offered some Thanksgiving themed food. So, I also picked up some stuffing and cranberry sauce, two foods I didn’t have at my Thanksgiving meal.

As you can imagine, I was very full from eating my plate. I wish I had limited my food choices, but I was so interested to try my old favorites, which was the salad, roasted vegetables, and rice that I got as little as I could while giving myself a taste of each food. The wait staff was wonderful and the waitresses that served my group’s table was very nice and extremely attentive.

The theater is normally very full of people, but my group and I went to a show that wasn’t as full as other shows normally are.

Since it was the holidays, the theater was decorated for Christmas…

The table my group sat at was literally right against the stage. I would’ve preferred sitting further back in the theater, but it was still really good seats compared to other seats I’ve sat at in other theaters.

The show my group and I saw was the Rhythm Cats Show. There was two Christmas shows that could be seen in December, the first being the Rhythm Cats Christmas Show and the second is A Christmas Carol: A Musical. I was very excited to see the Rhythm Cats Show because if I had to pick one show to attend, I would pick the Rhythm Cats. They play a variety of genres of music, but their Christmas show is the one they play well known Christmas songs in whatever style they choose. It really showcases their versatility as a band and as performers.

You can learn more about each of the performers in the band on the Silver Star Theater’s website here.

Joining the band for the concert was two singers, one male and the other female, and the Red Mountain Carolers.

I really enjoyed the performance. The music had more of a classic rock and rockabilly sound to it, which I loved. They played songs varying from Christmas carols to more contemporary Christmas songs that are covered by many well known artists that release a Christmas album. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them and would love to go back next year (Or later this year if I luck out) and watch the show again. Or A Christmas Carol: A Musical. Whichever I’m lucky enough to get to see!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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