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Wet n Wild x Care Bears Sharing is Caring Dual Ended Brush Set Review

Lately, I wanted to focus on using my makeup and beauty products that I already own. I feel like I’m neglecting using my beauty products and tool. Despite this, I wanted to own a product from the Wet n’ Wild x Care Bears beauty collection. There are many products available, but I wanted to buy something I know I will use and enjoy owning. I finally settled on purchasing the Sharing is Caring Dual Ended Brush Set. They have the perfect combination of usefulness and graphics from the Care Bear collection.

It’s been a few weeks since I purchased the brush set and, after using the brushes, I wanted to write a review about them. I also wanted to talk about the Care Bear graphics on the brushes and why I love the way they look so much.

Before I talk about how the brushes performed, I want to talk about the brushes look. This is what the brushes look like inside the box they are sold in…

And here is the back…

I didn’t take a photograph of the description on the back of the box. The description talks about the collection and the brushes.

Once I took the brushes out of the box, the larger brush looks like this…

The handle of both brushes have a clear handle. Inside the handle are sequins and confetti that moves back and forth in a liquid. This design element reminded me of the magic wands I owned as a child. They worked in the same way. I loved them growing up, so seeing something similar to the wands in makeup brushes made me feel nostalgic.

On one side of the brush handle, the brush says “Wet n’ Wild” and the other side says “Care Bears”…

The tips of the brush hairs are white while the base is a color. For the face brush, the colors are purple and pink…


As for the second brush, the handle of the brush is the same




I really like the way the brushes look. They are super cute and, like I already said, reminds me of “magic wands” from my childhood. Before I wrote this review post, I didn’t use the brushes as much as other brushes I own. Despite this, I really like the brush hairs. They are soft and don’t pull on the skin, yet are stiff enough to control. Since I didn’t use the brushes a lot prior to writing this post, I don’t know how well they will take washing or if makeup will stain them easily.

Even though I love these brushes, I have one complaint about these brushes: The brushes are dual ended. This is obviously a part of the design of the brushes, but when I thought about putting the brushes somewhere to store, I realized I can’t put them in a cup like my other brushes. If I put them in a cup, then one side of the brushed will be facing down in the cup and can be damaged from the rubbing of other brushes’ handles or the weight of the brush can cause the bristles can crush the bristles, bending them out of place. Instead of being stored vertically in a cup, these brushes need to be stored horizontally. Right now, I do not have a place to store them safely. Until I figure out where and how I will be storing them, I’m keeping them in the box they came in to keep them safe.

If you are interested in these brushes, I can honestly say I like these brushes. They are super cute, really fun, easy to use, and are great for any Care Bear fan. I recommend them, but only after you figure out where to store the brushes when not in use. If this does not bother you, then I would recommend buying these brushes.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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