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2018 Christmas Holiday House Decor

I’m so happy I can finally post photos of my holiday home decor for 2018! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to put my Christmas tree up, but I was able to put up a few decorations around my house. A few of the decorations I have on display are ones I purchased this year and wrote about in previous Blogmas posts.The first location I decorated is the fireplace mantel…

I normally go crazy decorating the fireplace mantel, but this year I decided to be subtle. I did this for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is because I just did not feel like decorating the mantel as much as I normally do.

This year, I decided to put my new ornament ball wreath I purchased at Target on the mantel and put two matching ornaments on either side of the wreath.

The two ornaments on display on the mantel are ones I purchased at Target a few years ago…

The ball ornaments was available at Target this year as well. They come in a set of four, two in white and two in mercury glass, and are made out of glass. The ornament display hooks are from Hobby Lobby.

The next location is a part of a wall in the kitchen…

I normally put a wreath up in this area, but the wreath I wanted to put up, the ball ornament wreath, was too heavy to be supported by the supports I normally use to hang wreaths. Instead, I used the signs I purchased from the Dollar Stop at Target earlier this year. They look really good there and the bows I purchased from Walmart add a really nice touch to the whole display.

The final location I decorated is on top of a hutch…

I normally display boxes that look like books here, but I decided to change it for this year. I put the ball ornament tree from Target that matches the wreath here as well as the light up Joy sign. (I decided not to put batteries in it this year because I didn’t care if it light up or not.) In addition to the tree and sign, I put four present boxes for display. The marble box with a gold bow and noel tag is from Target and I purchased it last year for display purposes. (And hiding presents if I ever need to hide them) The other three boxes are from Walmart and came in a three pack. They are really nice and I wish I purchased more for displaying around my house.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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