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Target’s 20 Years of Design for All- My Thoughts & Excitement Over Target’s New Collection

On August 15, I received an alert from my Target app that announced Target’s 20 Years of Design for All collection. At first, I wasn’t interested in it because I was working and more focused on other things. But when I looked at the Target app, I realized it was my Target shopping trip dream come true.

If you never heard of the 20 Years of Design for All collection, it is a re-release of some of the limited edition clothes, accessories, and home wear from Target’s designer collaborations collections. In this post on Target’s corporate website, they go into more detail about what the collection is and why it’s so special. Since I’m really excited about this news, I wanted to talk about what about this collection I love, what I don’t like about it (Because I can always find drawbacks to nearly everything), and why Target’s designer partnership is so important to me.

I remember when Target released their first designer partnership, Michael Graves, in 1999. I didn’t think much of it at the time (I was a pre-teen back then), but I remember the huge fuss over it. It was the first time a store like Target released a designer collection for a more budget friendly price. I remember thinking that it could be a great idea if Target released items I would like… such as F.A.O. Schwartz toys for Christmas.

Target never released F.A.O. Schwartz toy collection, but they did release collections that I wanted as I grew older. Some of my favorites are the 2009 Alexander McQueen collection, 2011 Missoni collection, the 2012 Neiman Marcus collection, the 2015 Lilly Pulitzer collection, and the 2017 Victoria Beckham collection. Although I was unable to pick up as many items as I wanted to from the designer collections due to lack of money on my part or I started shopping after most of the items I wanted sold out, I still wish I could pick up some of the items I missed out on.

This is why I’m so excited Target is bringing back some of the designer partnership collections back including two of my favorite collections, Missoni and Lilly Pulitzer. I’m also excited to see other collections that I missed shopping either because I was too young or too busy to get into the store to shop them. They include Isaac Mizarhi, Jason Wu, Zac Posen, Hunter, and the collection that started it all, Michael Graves.

Although I’m very excited for the return of so many collections I really wanted to shop, I am sad there are a few collections I wanted to shop that are not included in the re-release. (The main ones are Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham’s collections.) Also, this is a limited edition collection, which makes me worried that I will miss out on the items I want to look at and potentially purchase.

Even though I’m worried I will miss out on all the items I want, I am very excited to go shopping when the 20th anniversary collection is released on September 14th.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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