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5 Luxury Items That are Not Worth the Cost

I always had an interest in luxury items, but it took me years to decide which luxury items I wanted to own and which ones I did not. Since luxury items are expensive, I created a mental list of what I wanted and what products to avoid. The mental list I created was constantly adjusted to my wants and needs as well as my evolving fashion style and lifestyle. Recently, while trying to think up new blog post ideas, I thought it would be fun to talk about five luxury items I believe they are not worth the cost.

Disclaimer: The items I mention in this post as well as the reasons why they are on my list are my opinions and are not a reflection on anyone’s taste, budget, or desire to own them.


The first luxury item that is not worth the cost are t-shirts. I love t-shirts, but the prices of t-shirts by luxury brands are very high. Usually t-shirts cost $100 USD and up, which is way more than I want to pay for a t-shirt. Also, depending on the brand and the quality of the fabric, the t-shirts may not be as hard wearing as t-shirts that costs much less than luxury brands’ shirts.


Electronic Accessories

With electronics, such as cell phones, changing every year, buying an electronic accessory for a electronic device is not a practical use of money. Also, the wear and tear of electronic accessories can be poor in comparison to less costly accessories. Because of this, I think electronic accessories from luxury brands are not worth the cost.



Socks are an especial part of someone’s wardrobe, but when they’re bought at the price point luxury brands sell them at they are a waste of money. Depending on the brand, socks may be made out of less durable fabrics such as cotton or are made in a way that makes the socks less durable. The quality of the socks vary by brand and what they are meant to be worn for, but it’s a safer investment to buy socks from a non luxury brand known for good quality socks than buying a pair from a luxury brand.


Baby Clothes

I love some baby clothes luxury fashion houses release and I’m completely in favor for buying nice clothing for babies for the reason of using it for special occasions, but I really don’t like the idea of buying and using luxury brand baby clothes as everyday clothes. Babies don’t really care about brands and, since they are messy and unable to take care of expensive clothes the same way full grown adults can, it will be hard to clean the clothes. Especially if the clothes are made out of expensive fabrics such as cashmere and silk.



The last luxury item I don’t think are worth the cost are luxury shoes. This item makes me feel conflicted because I own a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes (Purchased preowned and at an awesome price) and I love them so much. Still, luxury shoes are very expensive and, depending on your foot width, arch, ect., are painful to wear. There are shoe brands and styles that are reliable and comfortable, but there are ones that have a reputation for not being comfortable. (Christian Louboutian is the most known brand for this) Because of this, shoes are not worth the cost, especially if you are particular about your footwear.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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