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Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Love Body Wash and Foam Bath Review

Over the past month, used Bath and Body Works’ Love body wash and foam bath. Love is part of Bath and Body Works’ Aromatherapy line of body wash and skin care. I used to love Love (No pun intended), but stopped using it due to health issues. Since then I was cured of one of the health issues and have other health issues under control enough that I can use skin care I used to use. Although I went a little wild trying my old skin care out, one of the body washes I didn’t try was Love.

After finding an old bottle of the Love body wash I purchased last year to try, I decided to try it again to see if I will like it as much as I used to.

The front bottle of Love looks like this…

The back of the bottle looks like this…

And here is a close up of the label on the back of the bottle…

Love’s main scent notes are rose, from the rose oil, and vanilla, from the vanilla absolute. I used to use this body wash because it smells like roses (I was a huge rose scent fan years ago) and it was much easier to find and buy than other rose body washes in my area. (I think everyone that shops at the same store I do love rose scented everything and buys the body washes before I get the chance to buy them myself) After using Love body wash for a month, I remembered why I loved it so much. It smells beautiful and makes my skin smell beautiful as well. I wish I had a body spray of this scent that I could wear during the day!

The only problem I have with the body wash is that, after enough time passes, the rose oil in the body wash oxidizes and turns the wash from clear to a pink. I’m not bothered by this, after all Christian Dior’s Miss Dior fragrances do the same thing, but if someone is interested in trying Love, then be ready for the body wash to turn pink after some time passes.

I highly recommend this body wash to anyone who loves rose scents that is strong enough to smell, but light enough to not be overpowering.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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