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Kitchen Items I’m Currently Look For and Buying- August 2020

Right now I’m trying to save my money and be very careful with it, but with my intention of moving someday, I realized I needed some things for my future home. I always held back buying home items for my own personal use because I currently live with a relative and didn’t want to store the items. Now that I plan on moving, it’s time to start looking for new items for a house.

I’m not moving right now (Unless things change abruptly) but I want to have essential things such as plates, new bed sheets, and cooking utensils already in my storage. I don’t plan on buying everything I need, but enough to get me started.


Everyone needs dishes in their kitchen, but I want a full, complete set. I have dishes that are good quality and a full set of dishes, but the dishes are mismatched and the full set of dishes are Christmas themed with Mickey Mouse on them. I would like a set of good quality dishes in white with silver or gold geometric designs on them to be my lady-like dishes for fancy dinner parties and a base to mix in with other dishes I own. Ideally, I would like to mix these very nice dishes with my Mickey Mouse dishes for Christmas family dinners and the mismatched dishes for other times of the year. I normally see dishes in the designs I want for sale in the fall. Since the fall is coming, I’m now on the hunt for new dishes on sale.


Cookie and Cake Pans

I really want new cookie and cake pans. The most research into finding cookie and cake pans is stare at the ones in Michael’s and Joann’s, but I hope to start looking at them at other stores sooner than later.


Measuring Cups and Spoons

I already own measuring cups and spoons, but they are plastic. I would really like to find some cups and spoons in metal. I prefer metal now because, after using plastic for so many years, I don’t like plastic measuring cups and spoons anymore. They show their wear and tear much faster than metal and it’s not good to put hot liquids in them. So, I’m searching for new measuring cups and spoons made out of metal, not plastic.


Kitchen Towels

I bought some kitchen towels years ago that I used to wash dishes and… well… do whatever kitchen towels do. After years of use, the towels are looking worn and like they will need to be replaced. I’m currently on the hunt for new towels, but the ones I like the best are from Walmart. So far I purchased one set, but I plan on buying more.


Spatula and Pancake Flipper

I need a new spatula and pancake flipper. I searched for new spatulas and pancake flippers years ago, but gave up after not finding anything I liked. Recently, while looking at the measuring cups and spoons, I found some spatulas and pancake flippers that had the flexibility I wanted them to have, but still had the stiffness I expect them to have. I need to do more shopping for them, but I think I found the ones I plan on buying.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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