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2018 Holiday Shop With Me- JcPenny’s

Last week, on a whim and encouragement from a sale, I went shopping at JcPenny’s and Dillard’s. Since this is Blogmas, I decided to take some photos while I shopped to show what I saw in the stores as well as what I found in stores. After I edited the photos and began writing the post, I realized I had so many photos that I could write two posts dedicated to each store. Since JcPenny’s was the first store I stopped at, I’m writing my shopping adventures there first.

JcPenny’s had their Sweet Sale. If you never heard of it, what happens is when you walk into the store, an employee gives you a candy with a wrapper with a coupon you can use during one shopping trip during the sale. My coupon gave me 40% off.

The candy was a peppermint white chocolate with a milk chocolate back. I’m usually not a huge fan of peppermint chocolate candies because they seem to have so much peppermint that it is too strong for me, but this chocolate was very good and had enough peppermint to taste it, but not enough to make it extremely strong.

While browsing, I found these sweaters…

I need a new sweater and, even though I wanted a fair isle style sweater, I could not find one. When I saw these two, they caught my eye.

Next, I browsed the accessories and found some holiday gifts I wanted to buy not as gifts for others, but for myself.

I always like finding the mugs, note pads, note books, and office supplies with funny and witty saying on them. They always make me smile.

Then I went to look at the vinyl record players and got sidetracked by some pink and purple hard case luggage that was 50% off.

But then I went back to looking at the vinyl record players.

I already own a vinyl record player, but I still like looking at the record players for fun and to see what styles are available. I especially like seeing the vinyl record players that are in a similar style to the ones my parents used to own back in the 1970’s.

After looking at the record players, I went to the children and toy section. I really enjoy looking at the toy section in the JcPenny’s I went to on this shopping trip. They have a large section of Disney toys. It reminds me of how the Disney Store used to look like when I was a child.

The last place I looked at in JcPenny’s was the dress section. I found a skirt that I purchased with the intention of wearing for Christmas and New Year’s and some sequined shirts that I liked but did not like enough to purchase. While browsing I found this dress made out of fabric that looks like it was inspired by Versace.

Seeing the dress was one of the highlights of my shopping trip.

Well, that’s all I have to show you! I wanted to do a haul of all the items I purchased during this trip using my coupon, but I did not have the time to photograph everything and get this post up in time. I will post my final shop with me post from this shopping trip later on this week.

Thank you for reading!

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