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Bloomingdale’s 2018 Holiday Decor Haul

I never shopped at Bloomingdale’s before, but while browsing Nordstrom’s Black Friday sale without success finding what I was looking for, I decided to give Bloomingdale’s a try. I did not find what I wanted to buy, but I did find a few ornaments and Christmas cards I liked.The first item I purchased was these Christmas cards…

I normally buy my Christmas cards at Hallmark Gold Crown stores, but this year I did not find anything I liked. When I saw these cards, I decided to buy them and see if I like them.

The cutouts on the cards are laser cut and are beautiful. They also come with envelopes that match the design of the card. There are not a lot of cards in a pack (12 compared to the 20 or more that I normally like) but I find them well worth the money.

The next item I purchased was this Christmas stocking holder…

I already have a Christmas stocking holder, but I wanted to order this one from Bloomingdale’s as a second option to the one I own. It is made out of metal and it very heavy. I’m very excited to make myself a stocking to match this holder.

The next two items I purchased was these two glass egg ornaments…

I really do love these two ornaments. I believed they would be very nice ornaments when I saw them on Bloomingdale’s website and I was not wrong. I really love them and am so happy I ordered them.

The last item I purchased was this marble ball ornament…

I am not a huge fan of the marble trend (Sans a few pieces) but this glass ornament ball caught my eye because it has gold along with the black and cream marbling. I really love this ball and am so happy to add it to my Christmas tree.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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