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Target Essie Limited Edition Spring Nail Polish Haul- March 2019

In March, I went shopping at Target for some items. Since Target had the new Essie limited edition spring nail polishes available, I ran in and picked a few colors up.

The colors I purchased are A Touch of Sugar…

and Tiers of Joy…

I will go into more detail about the polishes in future posts.

And finally, the last item in this haul is a pouch I received for free…

On the day I shopped at Target, there was a deal for anyone who purchased two select Essie nail polishes or Maybelline make up, you receive the pouch for free. I didn’t intend on getting the pouch, but after finding two nail polishes that qualified me for the pouch, I picked up the pouch as well. The pouch is really good quality and has a rose gold zipper and zipper pull has little charms with the brand logos for Essie and Maybelline. Right now I’m keeping my new Essie nail polishes in it, but I hope to use it for more stuff in the future.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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