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A Few Thoughts on My Larger-Than-Expected Hallmark Christmas Movie DVD Collection

Recently, I began to sort through my DVDs collection. Overall, I am happy with my DVD collection, but there was one thing that surprised me about it: I have a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies on DVD!

I had no idea I collected that many over the years! There are well over 20 movies in my collection (I’m lowballing my estimate) and many of them I already watched. I also don’t want to get rid of them either.

Even though there are people who will say to get rid of them because I have too many, I won’t. I did get rid of a few, but I don’t want to get rid of most of them. After looking in awe and amazement over my large collection, I realized a few things about myself I didn’t think about.

First, I love movies and novels romance. Not just any romance. Clean romance movies and novels. I like to see how two people grow into loving each other. Yes, what happens in the bedroom is a part of love, but I don’t care about seeing it in my romance stories. I enjoy romance stories if it focuses on the psychological side of love instead of the physical side. If it is too focused on the physical side, I hate it. I also love stories that explore all the odd ways people find one another and fall in love, creating a unique love story. Hallmark’s Christmas movies tell stories I really enjoy. Sure, some can be cheesy. Yet, they are all enjoyable in some way or form.

Secondly, and finally, I love Christmastime! I was one since I can remember. I love other holidays, but Christmas time holds a special meaning for me. Decorating for the holiday is an enjoyable experience for me. If I can’t decorate in some way for Christmas, I feel really sad. This is why, even though I have a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies on DVD, I also have a lot of Christmas movies and Christmas TV specials on DVD as well.

I don’t feel guilty about my collection of Hallmark Christmas movies. I do think I need to stop purchasing so many though. I don’t always like the stories from some of the movies! Still, I enjoy the ones I own. It cheers me up when I feel sad and down about anything, my love life included. And that’s why I decided to keep them around.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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