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Bath and Body Works Pear Creme Brulee Fine Fragrance Mist Review

In Spring 2022, Bath and Body Works released a series of fragrances inspired by fine deserts. To me, the style of the packaging as well as scents themselves remind me of Laduree, a French manufacturer and retailer of high end pastries and candies. The first scent I wanted to try from the collection is Pear Creme Brulee. 


According to Bath and Body Work’s website, the fragrance’s scent is described as…

What it smells like: fruity custard topped with a crunchy sugar shell.

Fragrance notes: baked pear, caramelized sugar and whipped cream.

The scent is a very fun scent to wear. It does smell like cream brulée as well as pear and whipped cream. I really enjoyed the smell of it. When I wore it, it also lasted about two to three hours without reapplying.

Even though the scent is a pretty and enjoyable scent, I think I would like it better as a teenager or young adult. I like some of the same kind of fragrance notes I used to like as a teenager, such as floral and fruit, but as I got older, I began to not like others. This fragrance would fall into the category of fragrances I would love as a teenager but not as an adult. Despite this, I still enjoyed smelling and wearing it.

This fragrance is not one I would wear everyday, but I still enjoy wearing. Because of this, I would recommend this fragrance to anyone looking for a food inspired fragrance with sweet and fruity notes to it. It is a lighter fragrance, but it is still heavy enough to stay on the skin (My skin at least). This fragrance would also be perfect for a teenager or pre-teen who wants a fragrance but wants one that isn’t too heavy or meant for adults.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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