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Bath and Body Works Bubbly Rose Fine Fragrance Mist Review

While on a shopping trip to Bath and Body Works, I decided to purchase all the fine fragrance mists in the same collection as the Pear Creme Brulee fine fragrance mist. One of the fragrances I was the most optimistic about was the Bubbly Rose fine fragrance mist. I don’t like to drink alcohol, but I do like the smells of certain alcohols such as Rose. Because of this, I was very optimistic about using the mist.

Before I talk about my thoughts on the fragrance, I wanted to show what the bottle looks like. Unfortunately, the photographs I took are pretty dark. I tried to edit them to be lighter, but it didn’t turn out very well. Instead, here are the dark photographs of the bottle…


According to Bath and Body Work’s website, the fragrance’s scent is described as…

What it smells like: a sweet, bubbly, celebratory sip.

Fragrance notes: pink sparkling rosé, sweet blood orange and splash of cranberry.

I really like this fragrance a lot. It does smell like rose, but it has a fruity base that comes from the orange and cranberry scent notes. Because of this, it makes the scent sweet and fruity. It’s a light scent and is perfect for spring and summer months. It also wears well on my skin. It took almost two hours before the scent couldn’t be smelled and need to be reapplied. For some, this isn’t a good thing, but for me and this fragrance, I was happy with the length of time it took for it to wear off my skin.

Even though I love this fragrance, I also have a serious problem with it that has nothing to do with the fragrance itself. I suffer from allergies caused by the areas where I currently live. Because of this, I have sensitivities to certain things such as foods and scents. These sensitivities are not actual allergies (Even though I usually call them that) but they can trigger an allergic reaction if I’m already struggling with my actual allergies. One of these triggers is alcohol. I already don’t like to drink alcohol (Even though I like the smell of certain alcohols, I still don’t like the taste of them nor the way they make me feel after drinking them) but fragrances with alcohol scent notes, such as the Bubbly Rose fragrance mist, can trigger them. This is why, even though I can use the fragrance and don’t experience any health problems, I do have problems using it on days when my allergies are bad.

Because of this, I wanted to mention that if anyone struggles with alcohol allergies, please don’t use this fragrance mist. Also, if you don’t like the smell of alcohol or the scent of alcohol bothers you for any reason, don’t use this fragrance mist. I don’t mind owning it because I use it whenever I’m away from my allergy triggers and my allergy problems are stabilized. Yet, if I had allergy problems constantly, I would not own this fragrance.

Still, I love this fragrance and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alcohol inspired fragrance with a fruity base that is light enough to wear during the spring and summer months. If you are unsure if the fragrance will bother you, please try it in store or, if you really do want to own it, purchase a travel size bottle of it. That way if you don’t like it, then you won’t waste money purchasing a full size bottle you will never use.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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