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5 Self Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021 (Females Only)

Valentine’s Day for 2021 isn’t going to be a “normal” Valentine’s Day due to the pandemic. Since social distancing and other measures to ensure safety and health of everyone is respected, going out on a date, or going out at all, will be hard to do. Since this means many will be staying at home, including single ladies, I made a list of five of my favorite self gift ideas for women this year.


Flowers are a gift many will love to receive, but in times of stress, like right now, it’s actually really nice to indulge yourself with a nice bouquet of flowers. The best part is they can be any type, color, or can be real or fake. I like to buy myself very nice high quality fake flowers so I can use them year after year. I also like to occasionally buy myself some roses not in a bouquet, but already platted in a pot so I can keep them alive long after Valentine’s Day is over.



Chocolate is another gift staple for Valentine’s Day and, like flowers, it can be a self gift. If buying chocolate that is available in stores such as Walmart or Target doesn’t appeal to you, try buying a higher quality brand chocolate or chocolate that is made by a local candy store. (If there is one nearby) Another idea is to buy something more unique that is made out of chocolate, such as a chocolate cupcake from a local bakery or hot chocolate from a high end chocolate brand.



Perfume is a gift not everyone likes, mostly because picking a fragrance can be so personal, but Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to self gift a perfume. The perfume can be an old favorite, something you wanted to try for years but never did, or it could be a brand new fragrance that you discovered and want to try. The time around Valentine’s Day is also a great time to look for fragrances because stores, such as Ulta Beauty, offer bonus points or discounts for buying fragrances.


Nail Polish or Make Up

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, make up and nail polish companies release limited edition collections. These limited edition make up and nail polish collections are usually in natural or Valentine’s Day inspired colors. Depending on what nail polish or make up colors you enjoy wearing, this could be a great time to self gift some nail polish and/or make up in colors that you may enjoy wearing but are not available year round.


Books, Music, or Movies

The last self gift idea that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day 2021 is books, music, and/or movies. Staying home can be hard without some sort of entertainment. That’s why purchasing a book, music album, or a movie (Or TV show) you enjoy would be a great way to treat yourself. If you enjoy reading, watching, or listening to a certain book, movie, or album digitally, try looking for a hard copy of it that you would like to have on display in your home.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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