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Hair Colors, Hair Trends, and Why I’m Thinking About Buying a Wig

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to dye my hair a different color. Back then, I used to have brown hair. I love my hair color and really enjoyed how pretty my color looked. Yet, I still wanted to dye my hair. The reason is because my hair would suddenly change colors and would become fairer in color and finer overall. Back then, I though dying my hair would fix the color change problems I hated. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, but I knew something was wrong with my hair. Today, I have finally accepted that that was alopecia, a condition that causes hair to become fine and fall out.

Back then, I had medical reasons for it. Today, I still have the same medical reasons (It’s believed to be a side effect of allergies on my immune system) but now that I’m in my 30’s, I’m seriously trying to figure out what to do next. I cannot have steroid shots to make my hair grow back (And I’m completely against it because of how other steroids I took effected me) so the only thing I can do is take my allergy medication and try to not stress myself out too much. (Which, in my case, is easier said than done)

Even though I have hair problems, I still want to have long hair. I love my natural hair color, but I also would like to try different hair colors. I always wanted to have blonde hair as well as a pretty red. The older I got, I began to fall in love with the more trendy hair colors, such as burgundy, purple, and blue. I even think grey with purple low lights look pretty, which is ironic because I have grey hairs coming in my hair.

So, what is someone supposed to do when they want to change their hair color, but their hair cannot handle the color process? Well, I want to buy a wig.I own several wigs already. I usually wear them if I need to “impress” someone. They aren’t very expensive wigs and they usually come from Amazon, but I do own more expensive wigs. Even though I don’t have a large wig collection, I like the wigs I own. Still, I want to have other color options and style options.

Wigs also provide me with the perfect opportunity to try out different hair cuts without the use of extensions. I can have bangs (Also known as fringe) one day and no bangs on another. I can also change my hair color frequently without damaging my hair. This is a perfect solution for my desire to have purple hair but without the risk of damage.

The only drawback about owning and using wigs is a personal one. I still feel more comfortable with my real hair than a wig. Yes, my hair may be falling out and thinner than it should be (Even at my age when hair naturally gets thinner) but I still want my real hair. I enjoy not messing with a wig. I don’t need to position the wig right or worry about it falling off my head. I feel self conscious about wigs as well because if I change my wigs so frequently, everyone will know it’s obviously a wig. I shouldn’t worry about people knowing about me wearing a wig, because it’s true, but I do.

I think the worst part about trying to make myself wear a wig is that my natural hair has become so thin because of the hair loss that I need to actually seriously wear a wig. I used to wear a wig because I just felt like it. Today, my hair is so thin my scalp is no logger protected from the sun. So, it’s either wear a wig or a hat or I’m getting a sunburn.

It’s a huge shock to me that my hair loss has come to this point. I held out hope that my hair would recover enough to no longer need a wig unless it was Halloween or whenever I chose to wear it. Now it’s something I need to take seriously because of other problems I’ll have if I don’t. I feel like I’m giving up on the fight to enjoy my natural hair, but I know I’m not. The wig, no matter what color it is, will protect me from sunburn and possibly help my hair follicles to grow back stronger than ever.

Even though I’m sad about needing to wear a wig, I focusing on the postive parts of wig wearing. Having a hair color that I cannot dye my real hair is a huge perk for me. And, I can still own a wig in the same shade of brown my natural hair color is. Except this time, it won’t change colors or need to be dyed back to the same color over and over again!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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