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Victoria’s Secret Pink Golden Pear Scented Mist Review

While browsing the discounted Pink body sprays, or scented mists, during Victoria’s Secret Winter 2021 Semi-Annual Sale, I found a bottle of a scent I really wanted to try in store. The scent, Golden Pear, peaked my interest because it included honey as a scent note.

When I smelled it in person, I really loved the scent. Since it was on sale, and would probably be no longer available after the sale, I purchased it.

The bottle looks like this…

The website does not have the scented mist for sale, but it does have the lotion for sale. Since I cannot find the mist, I will use the description for the lotion instead. The website describes the scent as…

A drizzle of honey makes these dark fruit scents extra addicting. Hydrating lotion delivers 24 hours of moisture for soft, scented skin.

In addition to that, the website describes the scent as…

The scent of White Pear candied. Coated in Raw Honey.

The scent notes and fragrance style is described as…

  • Style: Fruity Warm with notes of Juicy Pear and Raw Honey

  • Empowering, never overpowering

The scent is really pretty. The pear scent notes create a fruity scent that is pleasing to smell, especially if you like pears! Also, the honey notes make the fragrance have a sweet to it. Unlike other sweet fragrances, the sweet notes in the fragrance are not overwhelmingly sweet. There is a good balance between the fruity and sweet notes.

I love this fragrance. It’s not overwhelming but it does stay more than two hours on my skin. The time this scent stays on your skin will vary depending on the oils in your skin, but for me, it stayed for over two hours. It also blended well with my skin’s oils, creating a scent that made me love it more.

I highly recommend this fragrance to anyone looking for a light, fruity sweet fragrance. This scent would be perfect for anyone looking for a body mist for spring or summer.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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