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5 Tips for Buying Skin Care Products for Allergy Suffers

Since I was a child, I struggled with allergies. One of my most memorable problems as a child was with the soaps I used. The soaps my parent bought me was not hypoallergenic and cause me to have an allergic reaction every time I used it. Now that I’m an adult, I can now recognize soaps with ingredients that will cause me problems.

After searching online for blog posts about tips to find skin care products, I couldn’t find posts and tips that helped me. Inspired by this, I wanted to write a post about five tips I’d give to someone looking for skin care products that don’t affect their allergies. Since allergies affect people different, and not everyone has allergies to the same things, I will not be talking about which product would be best suited for each tip. This post is meant to be used as five guidelines that you can customize to fit your needs. Also, I’m sorry if there is something missing from this post that will help you more than what I talk about! I hope to write more posts on the top of beauty products and allergies in the future, so I might include it in a future post!

Write Down a List of What Your Allergy Triggers Are Before Going to The Store or Do Any Sort of Shopping

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the full name of allergy triggers, especially if it is a chemical with a very long name. So, to be safe, write a list of what your allergy triggers are. This way, you can refer to it while shopping and reading the ingredients list. When you do this, make sure to write down both the common name (The name people will know and recognize) of the trigger as well as other names of the trigger. (Such as the official scientific name or other ingredients that will be named different but could be made from the trigger)


Look at Products for Sensitive Skin and Eczema Before “Normal” Products

Skin care products can be hard on allergy suffers skin. This is why I recommend browsing products that are for sensitive skin and eczema before considering products that are not. These products must follow add different ingredients and different portions of them to their products to qualify to say that they are for sensitive skin and eczema. Because of this, these products will be easier on the skin and could prevent allergic reactions while doing the job of the normal products. This is not always the case, but it is easier to find products that won’t aggravate allergies if you try to look for products that are for sensitive skin and eczema.


Sometimes Premium Products Are Better for Allergy Suffers Than Drug Store Products. Sometimes They Aren’t.

One of the most expensive parts of my quest to find skincare products is the purchase of premium brand products, using it once, and then need to give it away because I had an allergic reaction to it. Despite this, I found products from premium brands that actually worked better for my skin than drug store products. Since premium products and brands, such as Fresh, Clinique, and brands at a similar price point, cost more than drug store products, I would suggest to do your research into the brand, the products, and if the product contains anything that will trigger allergies. I found this is not a fail safe way to guarantee it will be a good product for my skin, but it will make it easier to see if the product is worth purchasing or not.


Make Sure You Look for Products for Your Skin Type as Well as Allergies

A major mistake I sometimes make when buying new skincare products is I don’t look at the skin type the product is best for. Despite my allergies, which causes my skin to be dry, I also have oily skin. Even though I own and use products for dry skin, I need to be careful when using them because they will clog my pores more than the average person. If you’re looking for new products, make sure you know what skin type the product is best for. There are sensitive skin products for oily, dry, and combination skin tones, so look around to see what is available and what works best for you.


If You Can’t Find Any Products That Work for You in the Beauty Section, Try the Baby Section

A few years ago, I realized the products in the beauty section didn’t work very well for me. Instead, I purchased the baby sections for the products I wanted. Much to my surprise, it worked better than the products I purchased in the beauty section. Baby products have different ingredients than products for adults because babies are not supposed to be exposed to certain ingredients. So, if you need a new beauty product that won’t aggravate your allergies, try the baby section.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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