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Victoria’s Secret Pink Rosewater Sparkle Scented Mist Review

During Victoria’s Secret Winter 2021 Semi-Annual sale, I found two Pink body sprays, or scented mists, that I really wanted to smell, but never had the chance to. These body sprays were part of the sale, so I made an effort to see if I like these fragrances. One of these sprays is Rosewater Sparkle.

I was hesitant about this fragrance because I didn’t know how rosewater would smell combined with cranberries. When I tried it in store, I fell in love with the scent. Since it was on sale, I bought it before it was no longer available.

The bottle looks like…

The bottle describes the scent as…

This rosewater scent sparkles with notes of pink cranberry and wild daisies.

After a search on Victoria’s Secret website, I discovered the fragrance is still for sale! According to the product description, the fragrance is like…

Dewy and bright. Mist on an optimistic, right-after-rain floral blend that leans into the sunlight.

As well as…

The scent of Rose petals floating in fresh water. With a spritz of Pink Cranberry.

As for the scent and the fragrance style, the product description says…

  • Style: Floral Fresh with notes of Rosewater and Pink Cranberry

  • Empowering, never overpowering

Even though I was skeptical about rose and cranberry fragrance notes together, they actually work well together. The addition of daisy to the scent makes the fragrance have a fresh, spring scent but the addition of cranberry makes it a great scent for the autumn and winter.

After trying it, I discovered it doesn’t last more than two hours of wear on my skin. It didn’t bother me when I sprayed it on my skin or when I could still smell it on my skin. I love the smell of roses, and this is the kind of fragrance that I would like to reapply after it wears off because I like it that much.

If you like rose scents and are currently looking for a new variation of rose scents, I highly recommend trying this fragrance. It’s a great light fragrance to wear year-round. It doesn’t last all day, but it is the kind of fragrance that would still be worth owning if you like it that much.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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