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Thoughts on Decorating for Fall Prior to Fall Equinox and How I’m Feeling About My Own Life

Fall is everywhere right now, but for me, it hasn’t felt like fall at all. I love fall, but this year it has been hard to celebrate fall early. It’s been hot (Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) in Arizona, which means all my favorite fall activities are put on hold until after the cooler weather comes. With this, and other things that are happening in my life, I just don’t feel like celebrating fall at all.

Since I feel down, I decided to cheer myself up by decorating my house for fall. Right now, parts of the house are currently in states of disarray due to my cleaning frenzy. Still, I wanted to decorate my house in order to cheer myself up.

So far, my house looks really good. It doesn’t look the way I ideally wanted to, but I am happy with the result. Also, I like the time period I put the decorations up: August 22, a month before the official start of fall.

Doing this made me think about when I would ideally like to decorate. For many on social media, decorating for fall starts in August. I even saw fall themed decor posts in early July, right after the 4th of July! Even though I like fall, and fully understand that some of these posts are actually advertisements, I still feel the pressure to put away my summer decor and put up the fall decor early.

Even though I love fall, I love the time period between July to October, when the temperatures in Arizona gradually gets cooler. I love the feeling that comes from the cooler temperatures after a summer full of hot temperatures. Out of all the time periods in the year, the July to October period is my favorite. Since it is the time period from summer to fall, I like to celebrate it differently than anyone living in different areas or climates would. For me, this means keeping summer decor up until September or close to September 1st. Some years I change this and decorate for fall earlier, but this is the ideal time table for me.

This year, things are different. There has been a lot of things changing in my life that I don’t talk about online. Also, a potential career goal hasn’t panned out like I hoped. After these setbacks and changes, I feel pretty down about how life is. My frustrations and sadness has also spread into my decorating for seasons.

As Arizona inches closer to fall, I feel like the change in season is coinciding with the changes in my life. I can’t stop the seasons from changing. I also cannot stop the changes in my life. I am worried about the changes, but I am also looking forward to them. I feel ready for a change in my life. I don’t know where my life is going, but I’m excited.

Even though what is going on in my life is more important than decorating, seeing fall decor around my house instead of summer decor makes me happy. It lifted my mood more than I thought it would. I’m a pretty pragmatic person, so seasonal decor doesn’t ultimately matter to me as much as it does for others. Still, seeing the pretty decor sitting above the chaos of my decluttering has lifted my spirits more than I realized it would.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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