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Movie Review- Santa’s Boots (2018)

In a previous post, I reviewed a Lifetime Christmas movie, A Christmas in Tennessee, that I purchased as part of a two movie DVD set. After watching the movie, I watched the second movie in the set: Santa’s Boots.

Santa’s Boots stars Megan Hilty, Noah Mills, Roark Critchlow, Garry Chalk, Teryl Rothery, Patrica Issac, Andrea Brooks, Matt Hamilton, and June Squbb. The movie is about a woman named Holly (Hilty) who lives in Seattle and recently received a promotion at work. During her Christmas vacation, she returns to her home town and to see her family, who runs a department store. After visiting her friend, who works at the department store, she abruptly fills in as an elf at the store’s Santa area after discovering the only elf was sick. After working with the handsome and kindhearted Santa, whose name just so happens to be Nick, she begins to discover the department store is having financial trouble and is looking to sell to a larger company.

While Holly is learning more about her family’s business, Nick’s uncle wants him to take over the family Christmas tree business. Nick, who inherited half the business after his father passed away, began to question if he was a right fit for the business and if his girlfriend, who is more passionate about the business than he is, is actually his one true love.

I originally wanted to watch the movie because of Megan Hilty, who played many roles in Broadway musicals such as Glinda in Wicked. I really enjoyed watching her in the movie and the rest of the cast as well. The story is really enjoyable, but what took me by surprise was the hidden Cinderella story inside the movie. Usually when I watch Cinderella inspired movies, especially Christmas movies, the Cinderella side of the story is more obvious and sometimes use story cliches that makes it hard to stand out from other Cinderella stories. Santa’s Boots, however, hides the Cinderella element to it’s story until it’s close to the end. This made the story stand out from other Cinderella inspired movies, especially Christmas themed movies.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes Megan Hilty, an unconventional and enjoyable Christmas movie inspired by Cinderella’s story.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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