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Trying a Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Recently, I wanted to try some new recipes. One new recipe I wanted to try was spaghetti squash. I heard spaghetti squash is really good, so I thought it could be a easy and tasty recipe to try.

After doing some searching online, I found many recipes for spaghetti squash. Many of the recipes looked good, but the one I decided to copy was from the blog Love and Lemons.

I followed the recipe by taking out the seeds of the squash, poking the skin with a fork, sprinkle salt and pepper on the cut side, and placing them face down on a cooking sheet coated with olive oil…

Once they cooked at the temperature and for the length of time Love and Lemons said to, the squash looked like this from the flesh side…

Once they have cooled, I scraped the strands out with a fork.

Once this was done, I put some spaghetti sauce on the strands and ate it.

I really liked the recipe from Love and Lemons. It is easy to follow and very good at explaining why certain steps must be done certain ways. The squash I made was very good and I enjoyed making it. I hope to use the recipe more times in the future.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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