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My New The Happy Planner Agenda for 2022

After months of searching, I finally found my planner/agenda for 2022! I decided to buy two planners for 2022, one for my work and another for tracking my day for health purposes. Even though I’m very happy to have two, I decided to talk about the one I want to use for work. Before I start writing in it, I wanted to show what it looks like brand new and unused.

I decided to use The Happy Planner brand planners again for the new year. I like the layouts of them, so I wanted to continue using them.

This is what the planner looks like…





The planner’s theme is to grow. Throughout the planner, there are quotes and encouragement to grow in spite of life’s obstacles. I like to have encouraging pictures and quotes in my work planners because work can sometimes be hard. For me, it important to remember that the hard time will pass, no matter if it is in my personal life or work life.

I really like the pastel colors. Pink is my favorite color, and the shades of pink in this agenda are in my favorite shades of pink. I also like that there are accents of black though out the planner. It makes the planner more mature looking.

This planner has a vertical layout. For the past two years, I used planners with vertical layouts, but unlike this new planner, my old planners had time blocks. I really liked this style of planner, but I couldn’t find one this year. Instead, I settled on vertical layout only. I plan on drawing the time blocks in these planners.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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