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Kohl’s Inspired By Balenciga Bag and Why I Sometimes Love Inspired By Designer Bags

Near the beginning of the year, I saw a handbag I love and want to own at Kohl’s. It is a Rosetti brand handbag with top handles and detachable cross body strap. While on my last trip to Kohl’s, I saw it again and took a photograph of it.

I love the style of it, but there is one small problem with it: It looks like it’s inspired by the Balenciaga Classic City bag.I own a Balenciaga Classic bag and I love it very much. The style, the shape, and what it can hold makes it my favorite handbag. The reason why I don’t wear it very much is because it’s well over $500 USD second hand if it’s in good condition with minimal wear and tear. It’s over $2,000 USD if it’s brand new. My bag is second hand and, even though I paid less than $500 USD for it, I knew that I can’t use it as an everyday because it was so expensive to purchase in the first place.

Despite this, seeing this bag reminded me why I sometimes love to buy inspired by designer bags. Of course the price is so much more affordable than designer bags. At full price without a sale, Kohl’s cash, or anything to reduce the price, the Rosetti bag doesn’t break the $100 USD mark. It also comes with a cross body strap, something my Balenciaga Classic City bag doesn’t have (It does have a shoulder strap), and a more cross body bag with and design. (It’s not a wide as the Classic City and is similar to a messenger bag) Although all these differences make the bag great for some, what I loved the most about this bag was the inside.

The Classic city does not have compartments. Just one big large open space and a back pocket on the inside of the bag. The Rosetti bag has a back pocket and a lot of open space, but also compartments. Usually this design change is to avoid lawsuits from the original designer of the bag, but for me it was always a perk to the bag. Usually luxury designers don’t listen to customers’ desires for changing the layout of a bag for practicality reasons or for other reasons, but if they do it takes a long time to change the bag design. Louis Vuitton had problems with the Palm Springs Mini Backpack a few years ago because the canvas flap covering the zipper. Owners of the bag didn’t like the flap because it was too stiff and couldn’t be easily moved out of the way as well as stitching problems with the flap. Louis Vuitton did eventually make a new version of the Palm Springs Mini Backpack, but it took more time to create and show up in stores than fans of Louis Vuitton wanted it to.

Although inspired by bags are quite controversial because the design is a cheaper version of a designer bag and the bag maker doesn’t use a design that is their own original bag design, or pay for the rights to use the design in the first place, it is something I look at closely at the store for the sole reason to see the differences between it and the original. It also gives me an idea about what problems the designer bag may have design wise that I need to be aware of.

I didn’t end up buying this bag, but it was not because the bag doesn’t have a lot of great aspects to it. It was actually because of the cross body strap. Unlike my Classic City, the strap is not detachable, so I couldn’t take the longer strap off and put a shorter strap on to use it as a shoulder bag.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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