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Batiste Clean & Light Dry Shampoo Review

A few months ago, I had a water outage at my home. Although the water outage did not affect me as much as I thought it would, it was out long enough to prevent me from taking a shower. The morning after the water outage happened, my hair was very oily. It has been a while since I used dry shampoo, so I went to Walmart to find a new dry shampoo.

While browsing the dry shampoo section, I remembered I wanted to try the Batiste Clean & Light Bare dry shampoo. They had it at the Walmart I was at, so I purchased the smallest can of the dry shampoo and used it.

Before I talk about if I liked it, here this is what the can looks like…



The shampoo worked extremely well. It was easy to use, absorbed the oils in my hair roots very quickly, and kept my hair from looking and feeling oily all day long. It added a lot of volume to my hair (I have thin hair so this is something I didn’t mind) and it didn’t bother me to have it in my hair all day long. It also didn’t have a fragrance and didn’t aggravate my allergies when I used it. (It is an aerosol spray can so it could still bother anyone who has very severe allergies or suffer from severe lung problems) I really love this dry shampoo and is by far my favorite dry shampoo I ever used.

There is something I wanted to mention when it comes to using the Batiste dry shampoo. I have a small bathroom, so when I sprayed this in my hair I was overcome with fumes. This dry shampoo is an aerosol spray can and the spraying power is very strong. Because of this, I suggest turn the bathroom fan on when using this product or spraying this in the hair while standing in a larger room with better ventilation.

Also, I believe this product leaves a minor white cast on darker hair. I am a darker colored brunette and this product left a white cast on my hair after I sprayed it. The white cast disappeared after a while, but I wanted to mention this in case anyone wants to use this product and they have darker hair. (Batiste makes a dry shampoo for a wide range of hair colors, including for brunettes, that aren’t supposed to leave a white cast on the hair. They aren’t classified as being bare clean & light, but it is worth trying.)

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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