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5 Things I Already Invested in For My Future Home

I recently talked about my decision to not discuss my next phases in my life, including moving out of my current residence. I still don’t feel comfortable talking about what’s going on in my life, I still want to talk about my search for home decor and essentials for my future home.

Recently, I realized I had enough things I want to have for my home. I don’t have everything I need for my new house, but I think I’m in a position where I do not need to buy anything else for now. Because of this, I wanted to talk about five of the items I already purchased as investments for my future home.

Both Formal and Casual Dishes

I really wanted to start buying some dishes before I began to house hunt. I originally thought it would take me a while to find dishes with a design I would like and would be in my price range, but it didn’t. I don’t mention this much, but I love looking at dishes and admiring their designs in store. So, finding dishes I would like in my budget was easier than I thought. I found both formal dishes and casual, everyday dishes for great prices. All I need to do is find casual silverware (I already have formal/fancy silverware that I inherited from a relative) and I’m done searching for my tableware.


Holiday Decor

In addition to finding the dishes, I thought it would take me a while to search for holiday decor. Over the past few years, I purchased holiday decor that I would use at my current residence. After looking through my current collection of holiday decor, I decided not to buy any more decor unless there it is important or special to me. (Such as a Christmas tree ornament) I’m very happy with what I have and would rather use it instead of buying more. Especially since I don’t know what kind of home I will have, how big it is, and so on.


Throw Pillows and Blankets

I don’t like using throw pillows and throw blankets in my current residence, but I would like to have some nice ones to use in my living room whenever I have a new home. I didn’t want them to be seasonal, but formal looking. After searching the internet and giving up my search, I found two throw pillows I saw online and really loved during a white sale at a department store. The pillows were over 70% less than what they cost full price, so I decided to buy them.

I also wanted a nice knitted blanket to use a throw blanket, but couldn’t find one I liked. Since I enjoy knitting as a hobby, I decided to make myself some blankets. I already made a white knitted throw blanket, but I want to make some other blankets using different yarn, such as velvet yarn, and other blanket knitting designs.


Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are something I thought it would be the easiest to find. Instead, kitchen utensils was the hardest to find. Between the slowing down of manufacturing due to the pandemic and many people in my area buying new kitchen utensils, finding kitchen utensils has been difficult. I did find a few items I wanted on sale, but that’s about it. Because of this, I decided to not buy any more kitchen utensils for the next 6 or more months.


A New Desk

The final item I purchased for my future home is a new desk. I already have a desk I want to take with me when I love, but I wanted a second desk to use either as a computer desk, writing desk, or as a place to put on of my sewing machines. I found one at Walmart for less than $25 USD and I’m so happy I have it. I’m keeping it in it’s box until I can move. That way I won’t need to worry about moving it assembled.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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