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February 2019 Beauty Favorites

It’s the end of February, so it’s time to talk about my favorites for the month. Despite my attempt to try more of my beauty products, I couldn’t experiment as much as I wanted because of the cold weather and rain storms that happened this month. Even though I couldn’t experiment with my beauty products as much as I wanted to, I was able to compile a list of my favorite beauty products I used this month.

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Line

I heard of Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin line and wanted to try it for months, but was unable to because it was always sold out wherever I looked for it. I was finally able to find the cleanser, daily moisturizer, and night cream and began to try it out. So far I really love this line! The cleanser is very gentle and doesn’t bother my skin. The night cream and daily moisturizer do not clog my pores like all the previous moisturizers do. I’m so happy with the products and I look forward to using them in the future.

Tarte Tarteist Liquid Lipstick in Birthday Suit

I got a sample of Tarte’s Tarteist Liquid Lipstick in the color Birthday Suit in a set from Sephora. (I will talk about the set in a post in the future) I was unsure about the color because I normally use pink lipstick, liquid lipstick, lip balms, and any other lip products that have color to it, but I gave it a try and love it! I’m very surprised by how nice Birthday Suit looks against my skin. Plus, it’s a nice change of pace from all the pink lip products I use.

Up and Up Apricot Facial Scrub

I never talk about what facial scrubs I use because I really don’t like using them. Even though I use them to clean the dead skin off my face, I find most of them have something extra in them that causes my pores to clog and break out. Because of this, I switch between facial scrubs frequently. Recently, I went back to my old favorite, Up and Up’s Apricot Facial Scrub. Up and Up is Target’s brand and is their version of St Ive’s apricot scrub. Although I used to love St Ive’s scrub, in recent years they added that something that causes my pores to clog. Since I had so much trouble finding a new scrub to try, I went back to the Up and Up brand and found it works great on my skin. I really hope the Up and Up brand will never change their scrub!

Two Faced Peach Sugar Lip Scrub

Last month, I talked about how much I loved Dior’s Sugar Lip Scrub. This month, I will talk about Two Faced’s Peach Sugar Lip Scrub. I found it at Sephora while searching for a new lip scrub to suggest to friends of mine that liked Dior’s lip scrub, but didn’t like the pink tint to the balm. After trying Two Faced’s scrub, I can honestly say I love it as well. It does not cost as much as Dior’s scrub and does not have a pink tint to the balm. I still plan on using Dior’s scrub as well as Two Faced’s in the future.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Nuit Blanche

I purchased a bottle of Nuit Blanche last year during Sephora’s VIB sale. I didn’t get around to using it until this month and I can honestly say I’m so happy I purchased it! I would like to talk in more detail about Nuit Blanche in a future post, but I’m very happy I decided to use it this month. The scents are not the kind I normally like, but something about it makes me love it. I can’t wait for more opportunities to use it in the future.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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