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2017 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Debut Event Haul

Last month, I went to Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Debut. When I went, I didn’t think I would get very many ornaments, but I ended up getting more than I anticipated. One ornament bought is one I mentioned I wanted to get in my Debut Event wish list post, but the rest are ones I never thought about or looked at until I was in the store.

When I went to the Premiere Event in July, I arrived at my local Hallmark store around 10:30 AM. Since the store opened at 8, I missed buying the limited quantity ornaments I wanted. After learning my lesson, I went to the store at around 8:20 and shopped early.

The store was not full of people like it was when I went to the Premiere Event, and refreshments were not served, but I still enjoyed going. After I finished shopping, I brought home five ornaments, four I bought and one was free with a coupon I received in the mail.

The only ornament I purchased that was on my wish list is the Star Wars X Wing Starfighter…

Like I said in my post, I wanted it since I saw it in July. I’m very happy with it and love how detailed it is.

The Star Wars ornament has the ability to play a recording from the movie, but a power cord is needed, which I do not own yet.

As for the rest of the ornaments on my wish list, I liked the Barbie Holiday ornament, but I wanted to think about it for a while before I purchased it.

Also, I looked at the Thor ornament from Thor: Ragnarok and was not very impressed with it. It was very detailed, but it did not look as good as other Thor ornaments I’ve seen or the one I bought from Hallmark in 2014-ish. In the store, I saw a Hulk ornament from Thor: Ragnarok that was not advertised, but I decided not to buy that one either. (It was detailed and I liked it better than the Thor ornament, but not enough to purchase it)

Even though I did not purchase everything on my wish list, I did buy three limited quantity ornaments. When I saw the ornaments in the booklet for the Debut Event, I did not want to get them. But, after looking at the Holiday Barbie and Thor: Ragnarok ornaments and deciding not to buy them, I took a second look at them and decided to buy three of them.

The first ornament I bought was Micky Mouse dressed as Santa Clause…

I thought it was very cute. It also had a companion ornament of Pluto, which I bought as well…

When I looked at the ornaments, I decided to buy the Pluto ornament before the Micky Mouse ornament. After thinking about the ornaments and what I should and should not buy, I decided to buy the Micky Mouse ornament after all. So, now they match each other!

The last limited quantities ornament I bought was Winter White Owl…

At first, I didn’t think much of this ornament because it is ceramic. I shifted away from buying and displaying ceramic or glass ornaments in the past five years because they are breakable and my life situation would not allow me to display breakable ornaments safely. A lot of thing changed for me in the past year, and as a result I can now display breakable items without worrying too much if they will be broken or not. So, after pondering over the ornament, I decided to get it anyway… and I’m very glad I did!

Even though the ornament is of an owl, it matches my mountain blue bird and raven ornaments. The blue bird and raven ornaments have a twig dangling under the bird. The owl ornament also have a twig dangling under it.

So, it matches my other bird ornaments from Hallmark!

The last ornament I bought is called Soulful Saxophone…

This ornament cannot be purchased. The only way to get it is by turning in a coupon sent in the mail on the weekend of the Debut Event. I forgot about this ornament until I handed over the coupons to buy my ornaments. Even though I forgot about it, I think it’s super cute! I used to play the alto saxophone, so I love it even more! (I know the saxophone is not accurate to a real one, but it’s hard to find saxophone or flute (My first and favorite instrument) I’ll take it)

Thank you for reading!

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