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Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum Review

A few months ago, I purchased a new bottle of Innisfree’s Intensive Hydrating Serum. I tried the serum years ago in a trial size, but I never purchased a bottle of the serum. I really liked it when I tried it years ago, but I wanted to see how much I’d like it years after I tried it for the first time.Before I talk about the serum, this is what the box the bottle came in looks like…

And here’s what the back of the bottle looks like…

In the years since I learned about the serum, the bottle’s look hasn’t changed. I really like the way it looks and I really enjoy it’s minimalistic design and functionality. When it is brand new, the bottle has a plastic guard on the dispenser pump. This is to prevent the pump from dispensing product while in the box. I kept the guard and put it on the pump after using it to prevent any loss of product while I store it.

Since I used this product the first time, Innisfree added hydraulic acid to the serum. I have environmental allergies to the area where I live that cause my skin to be sensitive. Hydraulic acid is fine for me to use as long as it’s under the right conditions. (Such as a good allergy day) If not under those conditions, I struggle with using any product with hydraulic acid because it will aggravate my skin too much.

Even though the current day serum has hydraulic acid, it didn’t bother me on the bad allergy days like other products with the ingredient do. (Specifically Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost) I’m not sure why this is, but there could be many explanations for it including a smaller quantity of hydraulic acid in the serum or it’s effectiveness is different than other products because of the other ingredients in the serum.

Despite the inclusion of hydraulic acid, I really like the serum. It hydrates the skin well and absorbs quickly. There is no greasy residue and a little bit of the product goes a long way. Even though I can’t use the serum all the time, I really love this serum. Whenever I get the chance to use it, I do and love the way the product works on my skin. It works well on oily skin and it doesn’t clog pores very easily either. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a K-beauty product to try for the first time, anyone looking for a good serum to try, and anyone looking for a serum with hydraulic acid that works for oily skin.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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