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Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale 2020 Haul

I know the 2020 Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale ended last month, but I still wanted to write a post about everything I purchased at the sale. I didn’t go to the sale until a few days after it began. Even though I believed I would be able to buy all the body wash and wallflowers I wanted, this past sale was very popular and most of the items I wanted sold out before I went to the store. Even though I missed out on buying everything I wanted, I did find some things I wanted to buy and own. The things I purchased during my trip are different than what I would normally purchase, but I’m still happy with my haul.The first item I purchased is a Christmas tree decoration…

I walked by this tree many times while shopping at my closest Bath and Body Works and liked it, but not enough to actually purchase it. During the sale, the tree was part of the sale and was reduced 75% off it’s normal price. Since it was on sale, and I finally decided I would like to own it, I purchased it.

The next items I purchased are four Bath and Body Works ornaments…

I loved the ornaments Bath and Body Works had on display, but never found them as part of the sale. The store I shopped at had four ornaments for sale at 75% off, so I picked them up.

The last item I purchased is solid perfume version of the scent Gingham…

I really liked the scent of Gingham, but I didn’t want it in a full sized perfume. After looking at everything available at the sale, I found a solid perfume version of Gingham. It was the right size, and the right price, so I purchased it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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