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Why I Can’t Use Bath and Body Works Candles Anymore (But Can Use Other Brands)

A few months ago, I made multiple Bath and Body Works haul posts in which I talked about buying Wallflowers as replacements for candles. I also mentioned that I cannot use nor burn Bath and Body Works candles anymore. Before I wrote and published those posts, I already planned to talk about which candles aggravates my allergies while others do not. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to sit down and write a post about it until now.

The basic reason why Bath and Body Works candles is because of my allergies. I suffered from allergies most of my life, but the cause of my allergies was a mystery until I made an effort in my late teens to finally figure out why I would feel sickly on some days and not on others. It turned out my health problems was more complicated than I, or my doctors, ever imagined, but there was always some sort of underlining health condition that prevented my body from recovering from other illness I had at that time. My doctors figured out the reason for this: My allergies are so bad they messed with my immune system’s ability to fight against virus and infections I had throughout my childhood and teens.

Even though I was happy to discover why I had immune system problems, I also learned my allergies are caused by vegetation, agriculture crops, pollutants in the air caused by local agriculture, and the natural bacteria in the soil where I grew up and where I currently live. To remedy the allergies completely, all I need to do is literally move to a different area in my home state of Arizona or move out of state. Moving really isn’t something I can afford or do at this time, so I’m kind of stuck where I’m at.

Allergy medication does help me immensely, but my allergies caused complications, such as a sensitivity to foods and other things that I am not actually not allergic to. This makes me happy because I believed I had food allergies and many more allergies, but it turns out I just have a sensitivity. One of the foods I found out I am sensitive to is soy.

Since I’m have a sensitivity to soy, I cannot eat many soy products or expose myself to soy based products. If I do not, I may have an allergy-like reaction that can sometimes be very serious. This includes soy based beauty products, such as Fresh’s Soy Cleanser and shampoos and conditioners with soy in them. I cannot take supplements with soy in them either. Also, I cannot use soy candles.

And that’s why I cannot use Bath and Body Works’ candles. The candles soy based and, even though I can smell them in the store or at a friend’s house without a problem, I cannot keep them or burn them in my house. Because of this, I began to use other brand’s candles that do not contain soy, such as Yankee Candle.

It makes me sad to know I cannot burn my Bath and Body Works candles, but I am hopeful I can use them after I move out of the area where I currently live! I do not know when that day will be, but I am trying to remain hopeful that it will happen sooner than I think it will be.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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