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5 Pricey Things I Want for Christmas 2020

It’s July but I’m thinking about Christmas. I always think about Christmas after the 4th of July is over so I can start planning on buying Christmas presents for family and friends. This year, I want to buy myself some Christmas presents that are at a higher price point than in previous years. Some of the things on my list are things I will need (Which means I will probably buy them before Christmas time) and others are things I would like to own if I have enough money free to buy them.

A New Camcorder

I owned my camcorder since 2016 and it’s starting to give me problems. It still records and the video files are fine, but it makes a very high pitched squealing noise that is picked up on the microphone. This sound happens the more I use the camera and the hotter the electronics get. Because of this, I know I’ll need to do a serious search into finding a replacement in the next six or so months before the camcorder starts to malfunction and cause me to loose video files.


Dior Toile de Jouy Desert Plate

I feel in love with Dior’s Toile de Jouy design when it was released a few years ago. As a commemoration of my new health, I want to buy a desert plate in the design. I have one picked out, but I really don’t know when I should buy it. I know what’s holding me back for buying it is the uncertainty of the economy and what that means for me work-wise, but I still keep visiting the page on Dior’s website of the plate I love and keep wondering if I should buy it now or wait a little longer.


A New Computer

My computer has served me well, but it’s starting to have some problems. It’s old enough to start searching for a new one, so it’s on my list of pricey things I want for Christmas. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wait until Back Friday to buy a new one, but I think I may need to wait until then because, when schools closed due to Covid-19 and switched to online learning only, all the computers in my area sold out. They are being restocked, but it’s taking some time. So, I’ll need to wait to see when I can buy myself a new computer.


Touch Screen Drawing Tablet

Although there was a high demand of computers, there has not been a high demand for touch screen drawing tablets. I always wanted a touch screen drawing tablet, but I never owned one. The ones I used are borrowed from friends of mine, so it’s time to buy myself one. I found some tablets on Amazon that are under $500 USD that I would like to own and try out. Although $500 USD is a lot of money, it’s much cheaper than the drawing tablets I tried before. Those are over $4,000 USD. So, a touch screen drawing tablet under $500 USD is a much more affordable price for me.


A New Watch

I keep looking for a new watch, but I can’t seem to find one I love so much I want to buy and own. I am very hard on my everyday jewelry, so a pretty watch with rhinestones or anything that fancy won’t last long unless I designate it as my “fancy” watch. I hope to find a watch sale soon to buy myself a nice watch to wear everyday. Or a nice watch to wear as my “fancy” watch because I don’t have a nice watch anymore either.


That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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