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Current Favorite EDM Throwback Songs- April 2020

Being stuck at home during quarantine gave me a lot of time to think and reflect about a lot of things I used to do. One of the things I used to do a lot of in my younger years was listen to EDM or electronic dance music. I was never a raver, but listening to the music in the background when I used to work on my college papers. While I worked over the past month, I became tired of listening to the music I normally played while I worked and started to search for something else to listen to. That search lead me down a rabbit hole of old EDM music I used to play and listen to avidly. So here is a list of some of my most played/listened to EDM songs in the past month.


Basshunter- DotA

I used to be a huge Basshunter fan back in the day, so for me to not listen to Basshunter during an EDM throwback listening spree would be out of character for me. I decided to include DotA in this list because it’s the song I listened to the most this past month, though there are other songs I love from Basshunter but didn’t include in this list.

Daft Punk- One More Time

Although none of my EDM throwback parties would be complete without Basshunter, no EDM throwback would be complete without a Daft Punk song. The one I used to listen to a lot back in the day was One More Time along with every other song on Daft Punk’s album Discovery. The music video for One More Time (and every song from Discovery) was part of an anime called Interstella 5555. Although I loved other songs more, One More Time was the first song I heard from Discovery and sold me on the album.


La Bouche- Be My Lover

I started listening to this song after it was suggested to me by YouTube many years ago and for a while it was one of my go-to songs. YouTube suggested to me again, resulting in me listening to it once again.


ATC- Around The World (La La La La)

Back when this song first came out, I love it. It was played regularly on a radio station I used to listen to and it always made me happy to hear it. Even though it’s been years since I listened to it as much as I did in the past month, I’m so happy to hear it again. It was a song I still enjoy listening to and reminds me of those embarrassing times I used to get so excited to hear it.


Cascada- Every Time We Touch

Another one of my favorite songs that I would celebrate whenever it would come on the radio was Cascada’s Every Time We Touch. For whatever reason, radio stations my radio could receive wouldn’t play this song, so hearing it on the radio would make me overwhelmed with joy. I still love listening to it to this very day.


Dunne- Sandstorm

Dunne’s Sandstorm was a song I used to love playing the background while I worked on papers and anything on the computer that didn’t require listening to a video. In fact, I played it so much I got tired of it. Last month, YouTube suggested the music video of Sandstorm and I remembered why I liked it so much. I just need to be careful I don’t listen to it so much it will take me years to like it again. The video I posted is for the full length version of Sandstorm. The music video/radio version can be seen here.


Although there are plenty of other songs I can talk about, these are the one I listen to the most the past month. Now I’m waiting for YouTube’s algorithm to realize what I’m doing and start suggesting more videos with old throwback EDM songs I used to listen to years ago.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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