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Walmart Body Beauty Products I Want To Try- April 2020

During Arizona’s stay at home order, I, like everyone else under a stay at home or quarantine order, didn’t get out much and the most interaction I had with people was at the grocery store. After walking around the aisles in Walmart trying to find shampoo and soaps (Which was a hit or miss search), I found some products I would like to try when things calm down and I’m not so focused on buying essentials.

The first beauty product I would like to try is EOS shave cream…

Sorry the EOS bottle is so close to the Cremo tube. I found them like that on the shelf and I didn’t want to move them just to take a photograph.

I tried a few of the scents of EOS’s shave cream and really like it, but found the cream was hard to use in the pump version. I much preferred the tube version because I could get more product out as the tube started to run out. I know there are different scents of the shave cream, but I know I didn’t try many of the tube versions of the shave cream. Because of this, I would like to try different scents of the tube version of the shave cream before I can feel confident in using it more.

The next beauty product I would like to try is Tea Tree’s body wash…

Although I like to stick with a few beauty with certain scents, that is only when my allergies are at their worst and I want to use only tried and true beauty products. Any other time I like to use new brands and new scents to see if it is something I would like to use on a regular basis and possibly when my allergies are bad. While looking for new shampoo, I found Tea Tree’s body washes. They looked interesting but I didn’t buy one because I’m not looking for a new body wash at this time. After things calm down, I would like to look at them more and decide which scent I would like to buy.

The next beauty product I would like to try is Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus body wash…

I tried other Olay body washes, but not Moisture Ribbons Plus. Although I liked using the other Olay body washes, I have a hard time trying to find a moisturizing body wash that will not leave my skin feeling like I just washed myself with a lotion, not a body wash. Since this is a moisturizing body wash, I’m afraid I will not like this body wash. Even though I’m pessimistic about trying Moisture Ribbons Plus, I do like the other body washes I tried from Olay, so I’m curious to try it.

Ivory body wash…

I used to Ivory bar soap growing up… until it dried out my skin too much. Since then I never touched Ivory soap. Well, Ivory soap for washing skin. (My favorite dish washing soap is Ivory and it doesn’t bother my skin the same way as the body soap.) While looking down the body wash aisle, I found these Ivory body washes. They are moisturizing body washes, which peaked my interest because of how many problems I had using the bar soaps. I’m not sure if I’ll take a chance and buy a bottle, but I am interested.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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