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My 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s January 1, 2020! I’m so excited to start a new year and a new decade. The last decade didn’t start out on a high note and didn’t begin to improve until extremely late 2017. Despite this, I always try to start each year off with an optimistic outlook on life.

Although I’m a firm believer that I don’t need new year’s resolutions this year, I decided to create some based off goals I already had in mind as well as goals I’m already in the process of working towards.

Stop Worrying About Other’s Social Media Sites

If you listen to the news, you will hear about how everyone is obsessed over each others social media posts and videos and how their life doesn’t measure up to the standard of success. I began to develop this problem ten years ago and it got worse within the past few years. I didn’t care about the standard of success of wealth and fame, but I care about if I posted the right kind of posts that people liked based off how other’s posts and videos performed and gained attention.

In 2019, I began to stop worrying about what other people posted and instead worried about if what I posted was about something I enjoyed talking about. Blogging and my YouTube channels are my hobby and if I don’t enjoy working on them, then I’m forcing myself to work on something I will grow to hate. In 2020 I plan to focus on topics I enjoy talking about and/or know about not to get post and video views, but because I enjoy actually talking about them.


Sew, Knit, and Crochet More

Last year I didn’t have the opportunity to sew, knit, or learn how to crochet like I wanted to in the beginning of the year. Because of this, I want to start sewing and knitting again as well as learn how to crochet.


Continue My Health Journey

For the past six months, I began to see my health improve by leaps and bounds. This was a shock to me because I suffered from an antibiotic resistant infection for over ten years and, even though I was declared cured, I still suffered from complications from my infection, including nerve damage and trying to relearn how to move after the non cancerous tumors the infection caused dissolved for good.

In 2020, I would like to continue my health journey. I want to work on my endurance, my motor skills, and get my body used to moving without the non cancerous tumors. So far I’m doing very well in all three areas, but I plan to continue working on them this year.


Take More Breaks and Relax More

As part of my health journey, I need to rest every so often through out the day if I do physically laborious work. This was something I didn’t take very seriously and I always paid the price later on in the day or the next day. Last month, I started to force myself to rest and take breaks more often. This help me not only feel better but also be more productive in the day. So, in the new year I would like to continue to rest and take breaks more often than I used to.


Don’t Worry About My Looks

The final resolution I have for 2020 is to not worry about my looks. After being sick for so long, I felt very self conscious of my looks. My body’s skin is stretched out due to the non cancerous tumors I had and, even though it’s still healing, it’s hard to see my body’s shape. I have stretch marks in weird places that are disappearing, but it still unnerves me to see them. I don’t have even skin tone. I had to cut my hair short because it was too damaged.

Even though I felt so self conscious about my body and how attractive I looked, I still know I need to stop worrying about how different I look now that I’m healing instead of when I got sick 15 years ago. I’ve made great strides in doing this in the latter half of 2019 and I want to continue in 2020.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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