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Happy New Year & Plans for 2019

It’s two weeks into 2019 and I still have yet to write a new post! Although I planned on posting last week, I decided not to because I realized after Blogmas, I needed a break from blogging. Well, that and the fact I’m in the process of loading my photo editing program onto my new computer. Since I did not make a post last week, I decided to kick off the new year by talking about my plans for 2019.

Rest More

I mentioned during Blogmas in a post that I suffered from a chronic illness. While I am still not ready to discuss what my illness was, my health has improved to the point that I have a clean bill of health and I can work a 9 to 5 job. Although I’m very optimistic about my future, I came to realize near the end of 2018 that I was so focused on making up for lost time that I did not spend as much time with my friends and I did not rest nearly as much as I should. While resting would not make my illness return, my body is still healing from years of living with it and the damage it left. The only thing that could heal my body the best is to rest.

So, I decided this year to rest more by taking more naps if I have the time as well as taking time after dinner to just sit outside without my phone or computer to just focus on just enjoying nature. Although it is hard for me to do this because I feel that I am healthy enough to not require more rest than others, I am learning to accept this new pace of life and also find that it’s not only helping my body heal, but also giving me to opportunity to sort out negative thoughts that plagued me before I became ill.

Stop Lamenting About What Others Did or Did Not Do

I, like so many others out there, lament about what others did or did not do that hurt me. After a year of ups and downs, I made a conscious effort to stop lamenting in 2019. Well, I need to admit it’s easier said than done (Isn’t it always that way?) but I know that in order for me to have a happy, fulfilling life, I need to stop dwelling on other’s actions and focus on keeping my thoughts on positive topics instead of the negative memories.

Peruse More of My Dreams/Goals

Yes, I have dreams I never perused. Some of them big, others small, but the one thing they have in common is that I did not try perusing them. The regrets of not trying to peruse my dreams has eaten me away for so long I’m sick of it. So, in 2019, I will peruse more of them. I’ll probably start with the small dreams and work my way up to a big one, but that’s ok. I’m still perusing my dreams!

Finish my Hobby To-Do List

I have many hobbies, but in 2018 I was so busy I could not complete all the projects I had on my to-do list. Since I want to finish everything on my list before I move onto new projects, I want to finish as many of the projects I never finished in 2018.

Travel… Anywhere

My last plan for 2019 is to travel. I really do not have a plan to travel anywhere specific, just travel. I did do a little bit of traveling in 2018, but I never discussed it here (Or very few places online) because the places I went was close to my home and did not feel comfortable talking about it online. So, I want to travel somewhere I do not mind talking about online.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading!

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