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Christmas Bucket List for 2019

It’s finally Christmas day! I’m so happy I made it to the end of Blogmas 2018. Well, actually I planned on continuing to post until December 31, but I know things will get busy for me near the end of the year so I decided to post until today, December 25. Since this is the last, or one of the last, posts I write in 2018, I wanted to share my Christmas bucket list for 2019. There are so many things I wanted to do this year that I was unable to. Because of this, I already have a tentative list of things to do and places to see during the Christmas season in 2019.

Check One of the Places on my Christmas Travel Bucket List

I did not go or see anything I normally do during the Christmas season. (Unless you count shopping at the mall.) Since this year was such a lack luster travel year, I want to check one of the places I listed on my Christmas travel bucket list I made earlier this Blogmas. I highly doubt I will be able to go anywhere outside the United States, so I will probably stick to my home state of Arizona or around the United States if I save enough money and everything works out. I’ll need to wait until late 2019 until I know if/where I will travel to.

Bake Christmas Cookies

When the holiday season began, I did not want to bake anything special for Christmas except pie, but as the weeks wore on, I began to want to bake Christmas cookies. Since I do not have a good recipe for sugar cookies, I plan on experimenting with recipes in 2019. That way, I will have a recipe ready for Christmas time.

Use My Vinyl Record Player More Often

This holiday season, I barely touched my vinyl record player sans to play my greatest hits of Journey record that I purchased a month or so ago. The reason why I did not use the record player very much is because it began to malfunction, preventing me to listen to any records I want to. I was able to get it fixed, but the holiday season is almost over. So, I plan on using my vinyl record player more next year and, since I have a small vinyl record collection, I would like to add more Christmas records to my collection next year as well.

Sew Myself a New Christmas Tree Skirt and Sock

I love sewing. It’s one of my favorite hobbies and I love sewing myself anything I have the skill to make. I made myself a Christmas tree skirt and Christmas sock a few years ago, but I would like to make myself new ones. There is nothing wrong with the ones I made, except I want them in a different color combination. I planned on making the skirt and the sock this year, but it ended up not working out right. Since I have a whole entire year to pick the fabric and sew them, I’ll have time to make them.

Put the Christmas Tree Up

I laugh about this one, but in all seriousness, I did not put my Christmas tree up this year. If you know me, you know I’m one of those people that like to put their tree up ridiculously early and refuse to take it down until mid-January. This year is the first year I did not put my tree up… ever. I really don’t want to go into why I did not put my tree up, but I will say I was very busy this year and I simply did not have the room for it in my living room this year. So, next year? It’s going up. Period.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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