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DIY Crafts I Want to Make for Next Year’s Christmas

As I write this, I don’t think I have as much free time to work on my sewing, crafting, and general DIY list. I used crafting and sewing as a way to relieve stress. Yet, right now I’m not able to work on everything I planned on! Since I don’t have the time to work on anything, I decided to buy the supplies for everything I wanted to make and make them over the course of the next year for Christmas.

Even though I like to write about what I make on a different blog, I am currently taking a break from it. When I return from my break in January, Christmas will be over. This makes writing a post about all my planned crafting and DIY projects I want to make for Christmas very odd! Instead, I decided to write the post here on this blog as part of Blogmas 2022!

Dior Star Charm Inspired Wood Ornaments

For many years, I wanted to decorate a Christmas tree with decorations inspired by the song Santa Baby. In the song, a woman that has a Christmas wish list tells Santa Claus what she wants him to give her. Everything she lists is affluent and materialistic. For many years, I thought about how I would decorate a tree inspired by the Christmas list in the song. One of the decorations I want to make for the tree is star ornaments inspired by the gold star charms every item purchased at Dior comes with. They won’t be exact replicas, but I don’t care. A wood ornament painted gold would make me happy. I already have the wood DIY ornaments and potential paint choices for the ornaments. I still want to hunt for a different type of gold paint, (This type of paint is my favorite type of metallic gold paint) but I think I will need to wait until after Christmas time to find it.


Louis Vuitton Monogram Tag Inspired Wood Ornaments

Still in the same vein as the Dior inspired ornaments, I want to make tag ornaments inspired by Louis Vuitton. I want to make them for the same Santa Baby tree as well. I already have the wood ornaments, the perfect paint colors for the monogram, and a plan for painting the ornaments. The only issue is these ornaments will take more time to make and paint than the Dior ornaments. Unlike the gold stars, I plan on staining the wood ornaments a dark color, tracing the monogram pattern onto the ornaments, painting the monogram, then sealing the wood. It will take some time to do, so I’m very glad I decided to wait until next year to work on them!


Shabby Chic/Pink Christmas Stockings and Matching Tree Skirt

Another idea I have for a themed Christmas tree is a shabby chic or pink Christmas tree. I’m not sure exactly how I want it to look, but ideally I would like it to be decorated with light pinks, golds, silvers, rose golds, and possibly lavenders and light blues. I would like to use a green tree as well. (I like the contrast of the lighter colors on a dark green tree) Even though I’m in the planning stages of it, I want to make the tree skirt and matching stockings. I already purchased pink and light gold fabric, but after I got them home I didn’t like the pink as much as I did in store. I’m still debating if I should search for fabric in a shade of lighter pink or if I can work with the fabric I already own and make it still look light, pink, and lovely.


Pink Themed Wood Nutcracker

Also in the shabby chic/pink themed Christmas tree and stockings is a pink themed wood nutcracker. I have a nutcracker, the paint, and everything I need to decorate it (I think) but as of right now I’m not sure. I like the nutcracker, and I want a pink themed one, but the more I worked prepping it for paint, the more I wanted to paint it traditional colors. I am considering finding at least two new nutcrackers to paint. One will be a partner with the traditional colored one, the other one (or two) will be pink.


Wood Signs

I purchased two DIY signs at Michael’s craft store earlier this season to paint and decorate. So far they have just sat in the bag I brought them home in. I want to get them painted and start using them. I am also considering buying another sign to paint, but this time it will hang outside my front door. My front door faces the sun on all times of the day, so I will need to do special things to this sign, such as put a waterproof sealant on it, to make it durable enough to withstand the elements.


Hand (or Machine) Sewn Christmas Tree Ornaments

I wanted to make hand or machine sewn Christmas tree ornaments for years. Yet, I never got around to it. After seeing Christmas decorating trends that are inspired by cabins in the woods, I felt the urge to finally sit down and make them. Since I’ve been thinking of the idea for many years, I don’t remember what shapes I originally wanted them to be in. I have some ideas now, but I don’t think I have the fabric on hand to make them.


Gingerbread Shaped Throw Pillows

The final Christmas decoration I want to make is a gingerbread shaped throw pillows. I didn’t see them anywhere in particular, but whenever I saw them I thought they were cute. Even though they are sometimes available for purchase, I usually don’t like the fabric they are made out of. I want to make my throw pillows out of washable cotton fabric, probably brown flannel, and other pretty, soft, and machine washable things.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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