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Target Dollar Spot Haul- November 1, 2017

While after Halloween shopping, I stopped by the Dollar Spot at Target. The funny thing is, even though I was at Target to shop for Halloween things, I ended up buying more things from the Dollar Spot than I did in the Halloween section.

The first item I bought at the Target Dollar Spot is these Christmas gift bags…

I don’t normally use gift bags for Christmas presents because I like to wrap my presents, but these bags are too cute to pass up. Plus they were a $1 USD each. I have a plan to use them as decorations, along with a few other gift bags I found, but didn’t buy yet, at Target.

The next item I bought are these gift tags…

I needed new gift tags and at a $1 a piece, I love them! They are also very pretty. Most of the tags have foil details on them. It might be hard for me to use the pink tags on the far right because I love them the most.

After stocking up on Christmas items, I found these note cards…

I needed new note cards badly. I have a bunch of Thank You and Christmas cards, but I used up all my blank, everyday cards. These cards are very cute and come with envelopes. Now I need a reason to use them.

The last item I bought at the Target Dollar Spot is this passport holder…

Although I’m trying to travel more, I never traveled anywhere I needed to use a passport for. So, I never owned a passport holder. Since I’m thinking of traveling outside Arizona, I thought it would be nice to own one.

I have found passport holders that I liked, but they always sold out before I could buy it. When I saw this one, which really liked, I bought it before it had the chance to sell out.

Well, that’s all I bought at the Target Dollar Spot! I plan on talking about what I bought during the after Halloween sales, which isn’t much.

Thank you for reading!

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