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2017 After Halloween Haul

On November 1st, the day after Halloween, I went shopping to see what Halloween decorations and such was on sale. Although I found many cute decorations, I didn’t buy them because I didn’t have places to put them. Despite this, I bought three items to use next Halloween!

The first item I bought is this witch hat…

I bought this hat at Target and was 50% off the original price. I plan on making a lining for the hat so the stars will not be see-though, but I have yet to do that.

Another costume thing I bought was this Eevee headband and clip set from Spirit Halloween…

I never walked into a Spirit Halloween store until this year because they usually sell decorations that normally scare me. I always told myself that I’d go in if someone would go with me, but that never happened. This year, I mustered up the courage to walk inside, and found this Eevee headband and clip set.

I think this is supposed to be for children, but I thought it was too cute to pass up.

The last item I bought was this shirt from Walmart…

I saw this shirt before Halloween, but I didn’t buy it. I though I missed out on it until I saw it in the after Halloween sale. Even though the tag says it was $9.98 USD, it was 50% off so I actually didn’t pay the full price.

And that’s everything I bought! I did end up buying Christmas things that day, which I will talk about in another haul post.

Thank you for reading!

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