2017 After Halloween Haul

On November 1st, the day after Halloween, I went shopping to see what Halloween decorations and such was on sale. Although I found many cute decorations, I didn’t buy them because I didn’t have places to put them. Despite this, I bought three items to use next Halloween!

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2017 Fall Decor Haul

Fall and winter are by far my favorite time of the year. It’s when Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years happen in three months, the weather cools off (Especially nice because it means Arizona’s desert heat is coming to an end), and my birthday is in November!

Last year, I had a family health emergency that distracted me from buying fall decor that I had my eye on or enjoying the season as much as I normally do. This year, I made the decision to purchase decor that I liked but never purchased. I was able to find and purchase most of the things I wanted to buy, plus a few other things that I found along the way.

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