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Black Friday 2017 Haul- Charlotte Russe

While Black Friday shopping last month, I decided to go into stores I do not normally go into. I discovered some of the new stores had items I wanted for a good price, but they were sold out of my size. Still, I am happy I went into these stores and I now have new stores to shop at in the future.

One of the stores I went to is Charlotte Russe. I never shopped there before, but they had a very good sale (Everything $20 USD and under) and I found a shirt and a sweater I couldn’t find in any other store.

The shirt is a plaid button down shirt…

(I know the shirt is folded in this photo, but it was the best way I could take a good photo of the shirt)

I’ve searched for a plaid shirt for months, but I couldn’t find one that fit right or I liked. I decided that during my Black Friday I would try to buy a plaid shirt so I didn’t need to search for one anymore. After searching all the stores I went to, I couldn’t find one until I went to Charlotte Russe. I really liked the shirt a lot so I bought one. There were other plaid shirts there in different colors, but this one is the only one I could find in my size. (I couldn’t find anything I liked a lot in the store in my size when I was shopping)

The second and last item I bought at Charlotte Russe and during my 2017 Black Friday trips is this oversized sweater…

This sweater caught my eye the moment I walked into the store. It is a very soft, fluffy, and is in a burgundy color. (It looks lighter in the photograph than it does in person) I really like it a lot, but I’m not sure about the size I bought. The neck fits fine, but since it’s an oversized sweater, it’s very big on the sides. I think I could’ve gone down a size, but I don’t mind how large it is on me.

That’s all I have from my Black Friday shopping! Thank you for reading!

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